LFW Fall 2017: Street Style

LFW fall 2017 street trends are the ultimate source of fresh outfit inspiration. It is always interesting to see how runway outfits transform to the streets. Street styles speak about people’s taste and their ability to match the things together. Actually something becomes trendy when it is seen on everyone. Let’s say you have noticed someone with a cool outfit and you decide to copy it. Street styles are crucial as everything starts and finishes in the street. LFW street styles are mixed with the trends from this upcoming season and with those of the pre-fall season.fashion week London 2017Street Style: Colorful Wardrobe

London Fashion Week’s were all about bright and independent street styles that drew lots of attention. Folks have pulled off these shades in various ways. Brightly colored shirts and coats looked really amazing with solid hues. However Tokyo inspired styles also was dominating in London streets. It seems fashionistas love to try out retro outfits spiced up with modern twists. Read more »

Best Accessories for 2017: Mansur Gavriel

Accessories are important part of the style so they should be right chosen to make one’s look fuller. We tried to do our own research and find out the best accessories for 2017. It was impossible to ignore the various trendy accessories represented at Mansur Cavriel’s. The shoes, bags and various small patterns will definitely tempt any woman to choose something from. However the shoes and the bags should be perfectly matched. These pictures will give you ideas about the latest accessory trends.MansurMansur Gavirel is known for creating fashionable handbags that also have a high quality. Mansur’s 2017 trends are all about classic leather made in various colors. Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur continue to produce hand bags that have a touch of sophistication and femininity. The colors and the designs are pretty inspiring and will definitely make your spring/summer outfits look complete. You can find bags in every color from subtle pastels to bold reds. So every woman is welcome to make her choice form these amazing bags. Read more »

2017 Ruffle Fashion Trends

2017 spring/summer fashion trends are all about ruffled clothing pieces one could have ever dreamt of. We are going to be deeply filled with a feeling of love. The ruffled clothes will remind you of the waves that are found in the ocean. Somehow we can say that ruffles symbolize summer days. You can sport them in various ways- ruffled shorts, ruffled dresses, ruffled tops, ruffled jackets and etc. These simple pieces will definitely inspire you and give you ideas on how you can wear them to look trendy and fashionable. If have a wide range of choices. If you are ready, just go on reading!ruffle fashion trend for 2017Leather Ruffles

Well, somehow leather ruffles are unexpected but those who love unconventional ruffled fashion items will appreciate leather ruffles as well. We recommend you having a look at this pair of leather shorts, as its sporty-chic allure makes this piece a perfect match for hot summer days. Perhaps you will find short shorts like this in any fashion boutique. Just make sure to pair it with a right top.    Read more »

2017 Makeup Trends from Catwalk

We have selected latest makeup trend for 2017, to keep you updated. These beauty trends are just striking and trendsetting in the beauty industry. The latest trends are all about minimalism in traditional makeup although there are some haute styles that stand out above the natural makeup choices. In 2017 we are going to see plenty of glitter, chic color choices that pop against the bare makeup display. If you are interested to know more about the latest trends, just go on reading.2017 Beauty Trends from CatwalkEye Wings

Some of us love wings while others prefer to keep it simple without eye wings. Actually eyeliner wings have never got out of the trend and in 2017 they are going to be in the center of makeup artists’ attention. We have managed to see models with eyeliner wings in various catwalks. Elie Saab’s simple black wings remind us of old Hollywood. Such wings could be seen at Ralph and Russo too. They updated a simple eyeliner wing with metallic silver eye shadow on the lids. The contrast created by the shades is just amazing. Anyway you can go bold with eyeliner wings like Victor & Rolf models. Read more »

2017 Spring/Summer Hair Accessories

2017 Spring/Summer hair accessories are all about femininity and tenderness. Hair accessories are one of the most important elements of females’ style so it is crucial to do a right choice. Well, today I have selected some designer pieces that are going to be a hot trend in the upcoming seasons. For some reasons most of us can’t afford these chic hair accessories but at least we will have idea exactly what pieces are in trend. The focus is still on Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Bottega Vaneta and etc. Go on reading to know more about these latest accessories.hair accessory trendsChic Headbands

2017 spring/summer hair accessories are all about bejeweled headbands. Popular Mary Katrantzou collection involved golden headbands that accessorized the model’s head. These headbands are totally appropriate for various special events. Elie Saab’s headbands are also extremely beautiful. We also see a few jeweled headbands on the Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana runways. Read more »

Top Little Red Dresses for 2017

After seeing these top little red dresses for 2017 the little red dress will be your favorite outfit for day and night. It goes without saying that little black dress will always stay in our wardrobe but from time to time we need to change our point of view and try out something different and more feminine. Actually red is pretty versatile color when it comes to dresses so you may take your opportunity to add some new style to your wardrobe. We hope you will love these cute and ultra-feminine dresses.little red dresses for 2017Delicate Little Red Dress

Let’s start our list from this cute little red dress that is amazing for several reasons. The details add some depth while circular pockets are a cool touch. This dress is totally in trend and can be worn for different life events. Note that the chain straps at the top make this an easy dress to wear plus you don’t need to use any other accessory. Read more »

Spring/Summer 2017 Print Trends

Well, the most difficult thing is to keep up with the latest fashion trends since every day we see new things that are appealing and tempting. Today I have rounded up with the biggest Spring/Summer 2017 print trends which are no less important and interesting. Some prints got their inspiration from 80s but they are still introduced with brand-new interpretations. You will also discover some colors that are going to be dominant in the upcoming seasons. These prints are meant to make your life even more fun. Go on reading to know more about them!Spring Summer 2017 Print TrendsRainbow Stripes

Stripes have never been so much fun. The list of 2017 print trends start with the funniest strip versions. Rainbow stripes remind us of hot summer days and fun, we always have in this season. Designers’ creative solutions are just amazing whether we look at knitted girly dresses or maxi dresses. You can get your inspiration from Altuzarra, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler. Find the best version of your style with the help of these rainbow stripes. Read more »

Gorgeous Small Tattoos for Ladies for 2017

Tattoos designs have already gained popularity both among ladies and men. People love to have creative and meaningful pictures tattooed on their body parts. Well, preferences are different; some people love small tattoos while others prefer to go for large ones to make them more than visible. Today we are going to explore some gorgeous small tattoos for ladies for 2017. Females’ tattoos tend to be ultra-feminine and sexy. There are various options to go for! Since tattoo is something permanent you need to be super careful while doing your choice. There are cases when people do a tattoo then they regret. Anyway tattoo artists recommend choosing something that is connected with your life although it is still up to you. Let’s hope that these pictures will give you a basic idea about your future tattoo design.Gorgeous Small Tattoos for Ladies for 2017Small Rose Tattoo

It seems a rose tattoo is the best option for ladies since this flower accentuates females’ beauty. A small rose tattoo design can be done on any part of your body. A blooming rose symbolizes newly growing love while a rose tattoo with thorns defines love that is full of pains and struggles. Apart from these, each color of rose has different meanings. Red rose is a definition of passionate love, pink rose symbolizes fist love and yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. Read more »

Marchesa Pre-Fall 2017 Collection: Dreamy Dresses

Today you are going to see some dreamy dresses from Marchesa Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Popular designers Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig put lots of effort to come up with the cutest dresses ever. This new collections will not disappoint you! Like always it is all about Marchesa’s standard motifs.  These dresses will be a great inspiration for a lady who appreciates haut couture! It goes without saying that they are meant for special events. Even if you aren’t able to afford one of these dresses, you can get inspired from them and re-create your own sample like many other designers do.marchesa fall 2017While creating these amazing dresses the designers’ minds brought them to another country, such as Russia in another époque. It was a real challenge for Marchesa fashion house to work with new perspectives. This collection shows how skillful Marchesa’s designers are. Well, here we can clearly notice the impact of Romanovs’ dynasty. Read more »

Creative Nail Art Design to Try in 2017

Well, it is already winter and holidays are close as well. All girls are searching for beautiful hairstyles, outfits, nail art design, makeup and etc. If you have already found your holiday outfit and hairstyle then it is the best moment to consider your nails. Here I have selected some amazing nail art designs for 2017 that are pretty catchy. I am sure many girls will love to try some of them. If you are ready then let’s start!cool nail designCute Pink Nails

Nail design is as important as outfit and hairstyle. A great nail design should be suitable for theme and outfit. This gorgeous sparkle of the nails looks fantastic and super trendy right now. If you think that you cannot re-create this style, feel free to take this picture with you to show it off to your stylist. Read more »