2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Trends

Since spring is already here we have changed our wardrobes and think of trendy accessories to complete our posh looks. It’s the high time to unveil the best collections of eyewear trends for spring/summer 2016. This is an essential useful accessory for any women as not only protects our eyes from the sharp rays of the sun but also keeps as fashionable and eye-catching. You will never go wrong with the right chosen sunglasses for your face shape and entire style. Thus, it’s important to discover the latest trends to replace our old-fashioned eyewear with new and more fascinating pieces.

Oversized SunglassesOversized Sunglasses floral runway 2016The first eyewear trend in the fashion world is the oversized sunglasses. While you may like subtler and thinner sunglasses oversized eyewear is in thing and offers you a little bit of change in your look. The main frames are rounded, glossy, embellished and decorated with floral patterns. Fabulous fashion house such as Dolce & Gabbana, Boss, Marni, Chanel and Gucci have already inspired us with their stunning oversized sunglasses with creative and interesting solutions.Oversized Sunglasses for spring summer 2016Cat Eye SunglassesCat Eye Sunglasses 2016Yes, they are here again with more attractive reflections. Cat eye eyewear trend had been in style for a while and it seems as if women can’t get enough of it. It is a seductive and super feminine style for any ritzy lady and tends to embrace your elegance. However today we see cute contrasts and flashy combinations of round and cat eye eyewear styles which make the trend even more requested. We have seen lovely cat eye sunglasses at Eudon Choi, Moschino, Anna Sui and Dries Van Noten.Cat Eye Sunglasses for 2016Dark LensesDark Lenses with red frame for women 2016Lenses come in various shades and frames. While some love to draw attention to their shiny eyes by light lenses others prefer mysterious and engaging dark lenses which awoke interest towards their individuality. Dark lenses in black, green, blue and red frames look quite attractive and glamorous. They have been the biggest trends at Dolce & Gabbana, Marco di Vincenzo, Marni, and Moschino spring/summer 2016 fashion shows. Perhaps the most delightful dark lenses are the ones framed by colorful frames.Dark Lenses for women 2016Reflective LensesReflective Lenses for women for 2016Another interesting and playful eyewear trend seen at Chanel is the reflective lenses. These remind us of colorful mirrors which reflect anything that you can see around. They are very creative, flashy and beautiful in their bright colors. These kind of lenses are ready to show off your “right” nature and girlish charm. They are ideal to match with colorful outfits and accessories. But avoid overdoing to keep the well-balanced lookreflective sunglasses for women 2016Eyewear with Yellowish Lensesyellowish lenses 2016What about the sunny effect on your own sunglasses? While some lenses appear dark yellowish lenses allure as with their stunning clarity. They protect your eyes and allow you to gain attention at the same time. The “happy” yellowish sunglasses were seen at Roberto Cavalli and Dries Van Noten fashion shows. The frames in this case are in pastel, beige and white hues which harmoniously go with the yellowish reflection of the lenses.yellow sunglasses 2016