Fashion Trends; Ripped Jeans

The trend of street fashion with grunge allure is very strong today and many fashion forward people choose this relaxed and casual style. One of the essential details of street style is ripped jeans and that’s why the trend of ripped jeans is so popular nowadays.

Let’s have a short historical review of ripped jeans and then find out tips on how to wear them.


The trend was first seen in 1980s when the influence of rock stars was quite strong. Now it has become a separate trend in modern fashion and many popular labels include ripped jeans in new collection. Though ripped jeans are very popular you should know right tips to wear the trend and secrets on how to combine it with other pieces.

Ripped jeans are still pants and when choosing pants you should take into consideration your body type and figure. The best style of ripped jeans is surely skinny type that highlights body. This type of ripped jeans is more suitable for women with petite figure.


In case you want to hide some little imperfections you can choose boyish types of ripped jeans with grunge effect.

Besides of ripped pants modern fashion represents numerous styles of ripped shorts, skirts as well as ripped leather pants that look even sexier than ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans and shorts can be combined with tops, tees, ankle boots or flats and cross-body small bags. Statement accessories are perfect to complete your modern image. Massive bracelets, necklaces will look simply gorgeous. If you have chosen ripped leather pants you can wear high heel shoes.

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