Mango New Collection; 2014 Spring/Summer

Mango has already launched campaign of coming spring/summer 2014 collection and we can already check out some styles from future collection. Though it is only campaign we can already say that at this time too Mango will represent enormous collection full of multi chromatic and fashionable designs.


For the new face of Mango directors chose Manon Leloup who managed to introduce Mango pieces in the best way. Mango new designs from 2014 spring/summer collection reflect all trends of coming season; prints and patterns, details, fabrics and textures. 

Classy black and white combo is still popular. Actually black and white color combo has become signature line of Mango and 2014 collection too includes numerous pieces in black and white. This campaign represents not only modern styles but also images and style combos that will inspire you for style updates.

Mango included all necessary pieces for spring; blouses, skirts, shirts, pants, jackets, cardigans, sweatshirts, dresses and cropped tops. Besides of stylish pieces Mango included some flirty designs like leather shorts, tops with ruffles and blouses with lace and sheer details.

What about Mango accessories? Every single Mango collection is completed with line of accessories including boots, sandals, belts, purses and handbags as well as jewelry and many other details that will complete your image.

mango_spring_summer_2014_collection3 mango_spring_summer_2014_collection1 mango_spring_summer_2014_collection2