Marks & Spencer Collection; Fall/Winter 2013

The lovers of luxury and elegant styles will surely like designs included in Marks & Spencer collection for fall 2013. Being represented just recently, this collection managed to have unique place in fashion industry and I also decided to show you this collection so that you can find out newest fashion trends 2013.

Marks & Spencer Collection; Fall/Winter 2013

According to style director Belinda Earl, Marks & Spencer fall collection is a result of six months’ hard work. After researching the needs and desires of fashionistas, designers created such a gorgeous collection with totally wearable pieces.

As Belinda Earl commented later, this collection is devoted to confident women and high dose of femininity is injected in every detail and cut of styles. The mixture of retro vintage allure, masculine details and of course luxurious fabrics made this collection unique.

Marks & Spencer Collection

The date when Marks & Spencer new collection will be launched is already announced. In late August get ready to purchase the most beloved styles from this collection but for now, let’s just look through the pictures.

Marks & Spencer fall collection offers line of gorgeous coats both in dark and light tones with leather and fur details. The lovers of minimalistic styles will like monochrome pieces and those with geometric prints, while those who wish to stand out in a crowd can choose animal prints.

Marks & Spencer Collection 2013

2013 fall collection also includes beautiful suits, dresses, floor length dresses, jackets, pants and many other luxurious pieces of clothing.

Besides of clothing you will be offered collection of jewelry like necklaces, massive bracelets  as well as pumps, gloves, sunglasses, bags and clutches.

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