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Floral Prints for 2014 Summer

2014 summer fashion trends are all about bright colors, prints and patterns. One of the main trends of this summer is floral prints that will fill summer days with lovely blossoms. Numerous designer houses and labels included floral printed garments so let’s check out some of the most popular examples from the catwalk.


Before talking about designers who chose floral prints let’s say that floral printing was always trendy. Every season it got new styles like 3d appliques, rosy prints, more abstract styles and surely classy floral designs. Read more »


Word Print Fashion Trend

Prints and patterns are trendy this summer. Almost all popular brands and designer houses chose printing for summer collections. From all styles of prints word print is the best to make a statement and accentuate personality. Word print trend is trend is strong in modern fashion so let’s check out some of the best examples from the red carpet.


Word print is a unique way to express thoughts, emotions or anything you wish. Single word can have so much power and so much to say. Sibling, Celine, Christopher Kane and others chose one word prints like “Happy”, “Flower”, “Petal” and etc. Read more »

Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

Another collection of the trendiest garments from fashions shows is waiting for your consideration. Those examples are chosen from the latest fashion shows and the most popular designer houses so you will have a perfect source of inspiration. Check out summer 2014 fashion trends.


Black & White

Black and white colors as well as color combination will always look trendy no matter it is summer or winter. This summer they have gained special attention and several designer houses have represented black and white collections. Those are mostly short and floor length dresses as well as jumpsuits suitable for summer. Versace, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dior, Valentino, Lous Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and many other chose classy black & white for summer collections. Read more »


2014 Spring/Summer Color Trends

Fashion trendsetters have already represented 2014 spring/summer trends of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry as well as makeup and hairstyles trends but we have totally forgotten about 2014 spring/summer color trends. Analyzing the latest fashion shows and designer collections trendsetters represented palette of colors that are going to be popular for this spring and summer.


The most reliable source of information is Pantone Color University. Executive director Leatrice Eiseman commented on summer color trends;

“This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium. While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations.” Read more »


Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

Latest fashion shows were devoted to 2014 spring and summer trends where designers and brands represented all the newest collections for coming season. Besides of garments fashion shows represented spring/summer trends in makeup, hairstyles and accessories. For now I want to talk about summer 2014 makeup trends represented by the most famous makeup artists.


2014 summer makeup trends are quite contrastive; we are going to talk about both natural and daring makeup looks so you will have a lot of images to get inspiration. Before talking about main makeup trends for 2014 summer let me remind you that we are talking about hot weather so try to pick lightweight and mineral products. Read more »

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2014 Spring/Summer Handbag Trends

We have once talked about spring 2014 handbag trends but that was brief introduction of what was going to be trendy. At this time I will try to show you all the popular styles in details so that you will be able to organize your summer wardrobe.

As the most popular designer houses have already represented spring/summer 2014 collections of clothing and accessories we can now investigate the catwalk and find some statement pieces.


First distinguishing feature of 2014 spring/summer handbags is medium to small size. Massive bags are not so popular still you can see them on the runway. On the other hand, medium and small bags are very popular and many brands included similar styles in their new spring collections. In spite of the size of bags they are very practical and can be carried from day to night. Versace, Rochas, Diane Von Furstenberg, Missoni, Prada and many others represented luxurious bags during their spring 2014 fashion shows. Read more »


Fashion Trends 2014

We are ready to represent you all the newest fashion trends for spring 2014 straight from the catwalk. I have picked up several great ideas from Paris, Milan and New York fashion shows so that you can now relax and enjoy this parade of ultra-modern designer silhouettes.


Let’s begin with color trends 2014. For spring designers offer to keep to pastel and pale tones like mint, lilac, sky blue, pale pink, gray, white and so on. Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor and many other popular designers included pastel tones in new spring/summer collections. Read more »

Headwear Trends for 2014 Spring/Summer

Let’s go on discussing 2014 spring/summer accessory trends. Now it is turn to check out some popular designs of headwear that were spotted on the latest fashion shows. All those examples are offered by popular labels and designers.


White is going to be the color of coming spring and summer and that’s why designer represented several styles of white hats. White will work great with any color and it will definitely attract attention. Popular designers like DKNY, Acne Studios and Olympia Le-Tan included stylish headwear pieces in their new spring/summer collections.


Marni, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana offered totally new approach to the idea of headwear. They represented headwear styles that don’t cover head. The function of such headwear is more decorative. Fashion shows represented luxurious headwear pieces with metal plates, crystals and studs. Read more »


Accessory Trends for 2014 Spring/Summer

Accessories are essential part in woman’s image. Latest fashion shows included newest styles of accessories from the most popular designer houses and labels. Putting together all the collections of accessories we can now make predictions about coming spring and summer accessory trends. The following pictures from different fashion shows will show you some of the best designer accessories.


Tights are very important for women but what about white tights? Armani and Miu Miu represented new spring styles with white tights and those styles look really bold. I cannot say whether they will have popularity or they will remain conception, but I should say that fashion has no longer strict rules and you can now mix and match styles.  Read more »


Nina Ricci Snow White Collection; Spring/Summer 2014

Coming spring is going to be hot with all those designer collections and new campaigns. One of those great collections to be launched is Nina Ricci’s Snow White collection that has been shown during the latest Paris Fashion Week. The catwalk was drowned with parade of pure white designs.


Though 2014 spring and summer will be filled with bright and dazzling colors Nina Ricci designers chose white as the main signature line and I should say that they definitely succeeded to create complete collection of luxurious pieces. Read more »