New York Fashion Week

Best Accessories for 2017: Mansur Gavriel

Accessories are important part of the style so they should be right chosen to make one’s look fuller. We tried to do our own research and find out the best accessories for 2017. It was impossible to ignore the various trendy accessories represented at Mansur Cavriel’s. The shoes, bags and various small patterns will definitely tempt any woman to choose something from. However the shoes and the bags should be perfectly matched. These pictures will give you ideas about the latest accessory trends.MansurMansur Gavirel is known for creating fashionable handbags that also have a high quality. Mansur’s 2017 trends are all about classic leather made in various colors. Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur continue to produce hand bags that have a touch of sophistication and femininity. The colors and the designs are pretty inspiring and will definitely make your spring/summer outfits look complete. You can find bags in every color from subtle pastels to bold reds. So every woman is welcome to make her choice form these amazing bags. Read more »

Spring 2016 Best Makeup Trends from NYFW

The more stylists change the trends the more they bring them closer to the familiar posh retro styles. There are plenty of trendy makeup tips and ideas but since we choose makeup tricks for each season this time the turn is for spring 2016 makeup trends. So, discover the best makeups to use this spring. Copy the beauty looks from the latest New York Fashion Weeks. As these are the most fashionable styles you are going to see them on the red carpet very soon. Keep up with the fashion and be the first to use these tips, tricks and beauty hacks.

Blue Eye MakeupDiane von Furstenberg blue eye makeup for 2016

Bright and flashy eyeshadows are again back. One of the most popular hues for this season is the two-tone blue which you can match with various skin tones and eye hues. It is able to bring out dark eyes and compliments blue, hazel and green eyes. This is a big trend on the runways and is often shown by Diane von Furstenberg. Read more »

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2015 Fall Trends; New York Fashion Week

Another great fashion event took place in New York and brought into fashion some cool and trendy looks for 2015 fall. New York Fashion Week continues setting trends of coming season and though we have just started enjoying summer days fashion trendsetters have already set fall trends.

2015 Fall Trends; New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week proved one more time that ’70s style is the main trend of fall and we have seen a lot of retro looks and retro influence in previous Fashion Weeks.  Read more »

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Versus Versace Spring/Summer 2015 Collection; New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the most grandiose fashion events that presents new season collections and set trends for next year. Everyone was waiting for this great event and here it is; check out the parade of luxurious and stylish designer collections that will make you forget about everything and just enjoy those smashing designs.


One of such gorgeous collections was Versus Versace 2015 spring/summer collection that totally differed from presented collections with its dramatic flair. Dark colors for summer? Designer house has gained the name of trendsetter and if designers have chosen black we will do the same. If you have missed New York Fashion Week now you have a chance to take a sneak peek at Versus Versace 2015 collection. Read more »

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Fashion Trends 2014

We are ready to represent you all the newest fashion trends for spring 2014 straight from the catwalk. I have picked up several great ideas from Paris, Milan and New York fashion shows so that you can now relax and enjoy this parade of ultra-modern designer silhouettes.


Let’s begin with color trends 2014. For spring designers offer to keep to pastel and pale tones like mint, lilac, sky blue, pale pink, gray, white and so on. Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor and many other popular designers included pastel tones in new spring/summer collections. Read more »

2014 Spring Makeup Trends; New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week captured the attention of million fashion devotees and style critics. This event brought into the limelight numerous fantastic designer collections for 2014 spring and summer.

Besides of designer collections hair gurus as well as makeup also artists represented newest trends. At this time I want to focus on makeup ideas for 2014 spring. Let’s check out what images were spotted during New York Fashion Week.


First thing to be said about 2014 spring makeup trends is that all ideas are quite natural without vibrant tones. Minimalism is used in many designer shows. The accent is placed either on lips or eyes.  Read more »

New York Fashion Week; 2014 Spring Casual Collection

Let’s get back to this year’s fashion weeks, mainly to New York Fashion Week that brought into the limelight myriad of new and chic designer collections for next spring and summer. Both casual and formal styles were shown during this fashion week. At this time I want to show you several collections of casual styles for 2014 spring.


First of all I want to say that coming spring is announced the season of versatile styles; I mean both casual and classy styles will be on trend. In other words you will be totally free to choose whatever you want. If you are the lover of colorful floral prints and patterns, you will find numerous gorgeous designs to complete your wardrobe. Read more »


New York Fashion Week; 2014 Spring Sportswear Influence

New York Fashion Week is another important event in fashion as numerous designer houses and labels represent their new collections for coming season. I have already introduced several collections and fashion shows and at this time I want to show you 2013 collections with athletic influence.


Sportswear influence is not an innovation in fashion industry and many designers have used this conception several times. During New York Fashion Week there were unexpected examples from designers who experienced athletic styles for the first time. Let’s investigate several designer collections for 2014 spring. Read more »


New York Fashion Week for 2014 Spring; 70s Retro Styles

Latest fashion occasion was New York Fashion Week that brought into the limelight numerous brand new collections from the most popular designer houses and brands. There were many iconic styles but one thing was very common; several designers chose retro styles of 70s and as a result catwalk was full of modern pieces with vintage and retro vibe.

Such tendency is great because from now on we are free of repeating styles, cuts and textures. Coming season will be full of interesting and dramatic designs that will take you to a new reality. Get ready to find out some of the most popular fashion shows from New York Fashion Week.


Michael Kors represented amazing collection of romantic pieces for 2014 spring and summer that was full of retro details from 40s and 70s. The combination of retro details and a bit sporty style looked really bold. It was a fresh breath in fashion industry and it will definitely have great success in the future.  Read more »


Donna Karan; New York Fashion Week 2013

2013 New York fashion week managed to capture the attention of millions fashionistas and fashion forward people and the reason why this event was so popular is a set of fantastic runway shows. Popular labels and designer houses represented newest collections and most of them immediately became trend of new season. Stylists and fashion critics surely had comments about shows as well as predictions about coming seasons so why not to check out yourself several designer shows from 2013 New York fashion week.

donna karan pre fall 2013

All designer shows from New York fashion week deserve attention and appreciation but now I want to show you Donna Karan runway show. This well known label is may be women’s the most beloved one as it surely predicts what women want. Every new collection and campaign attracts much attention and no wonder why Donna Karan fashion show made a boom during New York fashion week 2013. Read more »