5 Shoes Trends for 2016

If you are here then you are seeking for extraordinary accessories or something else. Today’s article is dedicated to the latest 5 shoes trends for 2016. Whether you are eccentric or quiet person, who doesn’t look for the latest styles, will find something close to your nature and personality. Put your usual vibes aside and follow our article to create another cooler and flirty vibe.latest shoes of 2016These shoes are taken from the most popular fashion houses which provide celebrities with the best clothing lines and accessories. If you are ready, then let’s go through our article to see the pictures of trendy shoes. Find your footing for the season ahead with the footwear that reigned the runway. Read more »

Best Accessories of Spring/Summer 2016 by Vogue

The season of spring/summer accessories is declared open. The most popular Vogue magazine has showed the best accessories which are going to hit the year. Sometimes accessories add new nuances to your look. By changing your earrings, bracelets, scarves, bags or shoes you can create completely a new look but it is important to choose a right accessory because it may also destroy your look.emilio pucci 2016 Today I am going to help you in your choice by representing the best accessories of spring/summer 2016 by Vogue. Let’s see what is trendy this year. Read more »


The Best Accessories from 2016 Milan Fashion Week

The Best Accessories from 2016 Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are full of surprises; if you follow them you will find the most extravagant looks ever. Fashion weeks give you an opportunity to rethink about your style. By the way even a small accessory can speak about you: bracelets, earnings, rings, necklaces, glasses shoes accessories ferragamo Milan fashion week 2016This time we have selected the best accessories from 2016 Milan week show. Get ready to see the most extravagant accessories. These glamorous accessories were worn by top models who were demonstrating the best outfits. Read more »

Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Clothing Line for Spring/Summer 2016

If you follow fashion world, I am sure you have heard about Kylie and Kendall sisters. They are too young but they have already managed to be popular around the world. Some people think that they have become popular due to their sister Kim Kardashian but they proved that they have talent as well. Kendall Jenner is a top model and this year she was modeling at Victoria Secrets’ Super TV show. Not all girls can be part of this show and as they like to say “Only Angels”. Getting her beautiful wings, Kendall rocked with her look. Kylie Jenner Keeps with her sister. She is muse for many people around the world. She is hot, beautiful and stunning. Some people compare her with a Barbie doll. These two sisters have a big army of fans.Kendall Kylie Jenner clothes 2016Recently they have decided to have their own clothing lines. So, today you are going to see Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s clothing line for spring/summer 2016. I am sure you will also like the collection line produced by them.

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Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Spring and summer seasons would not be stylish for us without the latest shoe trends for SS 2016. We, women like to display our beauty not only by the means of hairstyles, makeups, outfits and accessories but also with comfy and fashionable shoes which remain the most desirable beauty things in our wardrobes. Whatever you may wear, the most important thing you pay special attention in your look is the shoe. If it’s not convenient then your whole day is failed. So, be careful in the choice of the right shoe trend for 2016 and match it with the right outfits.

Casual Sneakerscasual sneakers shoe 2016

Trend number 1 is the casual sneakers. Besides high heels and party shoes, we always seek for relaxed and more convenient styles like the sporty or casual sneakers. They are the biggest trends offered by Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and many others. Of course, each brand has its signature style and designs but the main concept remains convenience and casual style. Read more »


2015 Summer Shoes Trends

If you are going for a shopping to upgrade your summer wardrobe with a pair or summer shoes you just ought to find out what is going to be on trend this summer. 6 best shoes styles are presented in this collection so that you can find your favorites.

2015 Summer Shoes Trends


If you are the lover of high heels yet comfort is not less important for you, there is perfect choice. Comfy platforms with chunky heels can be combined with both jeans and skirts. Moreover, you can wear them from day to night and feel no discomfort at all. Read more »

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Top Most Wanted Shoes

Girls have many addictions; they never can’t pass by lingerie boutique, designer accessories and definitely can’t be ignore shoes. Oh shoes! Those high heels and wedges, flats and pumps! Who can resist the temptation to have a whole closet of ten and more pairs of shoes? The more we get the more we want and it is a hundred percent true statement about the love of girls to shoes. Well if you are shoe addicted you need to check out those must have shoes for any occasion. Top most wanted shoe types will help you to complete your collection of shoes with those that you were looking for such a long time.

Must Have Shoes

Ballet flats

Comfort should always be on the first place when it comes to shoes. No matter you are wearing flats or heels you should feel no pain otherwise your life will turn into an endless hours of pain. Ballet flats are a must in your collection because it is impossible to go on high heels all day long. If you can’t live without heels keep flats in your handbag so that you can get changed whenever you feel tired. Read more »

Summer Military Fashion 2015

Military is a new cool trend of 2015 that was offered by fashion trend setters on spring fashion weeks. Though classy military style and prints are greatly changed yet the conception remains the same. You can combine different shades of khaki and it will still be military look. Of course you should pick suitable makeup and hairstyle as well but for now let’s check out the best designer pieces in military style.

Summer Military Fashion 2015
MCG Alexander McQueen Cotton Jacket:

The combination of cotton and leather with zipper details makes Alexander McQueen jacket perfect choice for military look. Black leather panels look great with army green and it is definitely what you were looking for military look. Read more »

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Celebrity Shoe Collections

If you are shoe addicted you have probably dreamt of having huge closet full of luxurious designer shoes. Well, celebrities can afford such luxury and today we have a list of the biggest celebrity shoe collections.

Celebrity Shoe Collections

Christina Aguilera – 750

Christina has got a huge closet of shoes that covers entire wall that reaches to the ceiling. To reach the top shelves she has to use a leader. Poor girl! Such a hard job to keep so many shoes! Read more »


How to Choose Shoes for Wedding

Girls spend a lot of time planning wedding from dress and details like hair accessories and even perfume. It takes time and money but everything should be planned so that the wedding will be memorable.

Surely dress is the key item that should be chosen with great care. After finding the best dress that will make you the most beautiful bride in the world, you need to find suitable accessories. Shoes are next important thing that you should choose carefully. Here are some tips on how to choose shoes for wedding.


The most important thing to take into consideration is comfort. As you are going to wear shoes all day long they should be comfortable. In fact, it is not so easy to feel a 100% comfortable wearing heels, still try to find the one that will be comfortable and stylish. Wear your shoes and walk at home to get used to them. After all, if you really cannot wear heels all day long you can have a pair of flat shoes and get changed.  Read more »