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Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Clothing Line for Spring/Summer 2016

If you follow fashion world, I am sure you have heard about Kylie and Kendall sisters. They are too young but they have already managed to be popular around the world. Some people think that they have become popular due to their sister Kim Kardashian but they proved that they have talent as well. Kendall Jenner is a top model and this year she was modeling at Victoria Secrets’ Super TV show. Not all girls can be part of this show and as they like to say “Only Angels”. Getting her beautiful wings, Kendall rocked with her look. Kylie Jenner Keeps with her sister. She is muse for many people around the world. She is hot, beautiful and stunning. Some people compare her with a Barbie doll. These two sisters have a big army of fans.Kendall Kylie Jenner clothes 2016Recently they have decided to have their own clothing lines. So, today you are going to see Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s clothing line for spring/summer 2016. I am sure you will also like the collection line produced by them.

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Swimwear Trends for Summer 2016

During the cold autumn and winter seasons we always remember and again dream of the sun, sand, sea and tanning that we are used to get in summer. This hot period of time full of fun is also very relaxing and inspiring. We forget about every unpleasant feeling and enjoy the tenderness of the summer. At the same time, we care about our look on the beach. Since swimwear trends are updated by the time we are offered new and new options each summer. If you want to unlock the world of the latest swimwear trends for summer 2016 then, let’s go on.

One Piece Swimsuitsone piece monochrome swimsuit 2016

The elegant, seductive and classic one piece swimsuits are the best styles for women who hardly find the most suitable swimwear for their body or size. This is my favorite style, by the way, because besides being so comfy it’s also too hot and feminine. It ideally brings out the beauty of the female body and highlights the most attractive features. One piece swimsuits are the biggest trends represented by Nookie Beach, Chromat, Mara Hoffman and Caffe Swimwear. The most fascinating thing about these swimsuits is that they are mostly in monotone and matte shades. However, you can also find colorful and more playful styles. Read more »


How to Accessorize Summer Outfit

Summer image will be incomplete without proper accessories but it will be better if you find out 2016 summer accessory trends and some basic steps of decorating outfit with accessories.


If you want to accessorize shirt or wear it in a different way you can get wrap-and-tuck style with jeans. Do not forget about stylish sunglasses and belt. Read more »


How to Wear Strapless Bra

Strapless bra is a must in woman’s wardrobe because wearing an evening dress with bra’s straps showing off is not appropriate even if it is informal party. The choice of strapless bra is very important; it should perfectly match your body and make your dress look beautiful. Still some girls have difficulties on choosing and wearing strapless bra. As a beauty guideline you can read these 5 hacks on how to wear a strapless bra.

6 hacks on how to wear a strapless bra.
1. The band is too loose.

First important factor that you should pay attention to is a band. Loose band will not provide with proper support so choose a smaller size. Plus size women need to choose bra with wider band in order to stay away from such faux pas like back-fat rolls. Read more »


H&M Vintage Romance 2015 Summer Swimwear Collection

Vintage romance is in the air and you can feel it with H&M new Vintage Romance summer 2015 swimwear collection that is already available. Designers of Swedish brand chose retro style as the main characteristic line and, why not, the main philosophy of the collection. The trend of ’70s retro style helped designers to create so many adorable pieces for this spring and summer. Surely we will see some cool retro pieces this fall too but let’s get back to H&M swimwear collection and take a closer look at pieces included in the line.

H&M Vintage Romance 2015 Summer Swimwear Collection
For the lookbook was chosen Josephine Skriver; she presented brand’s new collection in the best way. Photos were shot on the beach with alluring beach scenes and beauty bunny rocking in the cutest swimsuits. Read more »

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Get Ready for Bikini Season

It is time to get in shape for bikini season. If you want to be the most beautiful girl in your sexy swimsuit you need to follow those simple rules and you will easily lose extra pounds sooner than you could imagine.

Get ready for Bikini Season

First of all reorganize your diet. There is no need to go for starving or low calorie diet. All you need is to stay away from bloating food. The products are rich in sodium like drinks and soda. Instead, you can add more fruits and vegies for diet like pineapple, citrus, greens and asparagus. Limit daily portion of saturated fats and carbs and use food rich in fiber. Read more »

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Passionata 2014/2015 Fall Winter Collection

Passionata presented new collection for fall and winter 2014/2015 that was another page to the glorious history of the brand. Featuring Israel beauty bunny Bar Rafaeli new fall/winter collection turned to one of the hottest lingerie editions for this season. What can be more luxurious than Passionata lingerie for a Christmas present?


First thing that captures attention is bright colors and details that make lingerie even more passionate and sexy. The palette includes eternal black and red, navy blue, purple, burgundy, fuchsia, yellow, white, pastel shades, dusty rose, silver and etc. This complete collection includes shades that will be suitable for any type of outfit and, of course, all of them are gorgeous. Read more »

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Victoria’s Secret 2014 Bridal Collection

Wedding is the most sacred and romantic day for brides and that’s why they spend so much time, energy and money on planning the big day. Surely the most important thing about wedding is bridal dress but what about bridal lingerie? Victoria’s Secret designers decided to help you representing luxurious bridal collection for 2014.


When it comes to Victoria’s Secret lingerie everyone becomes speechless. The label has already gained devotion and love of millions of fans all over the world and today just hearing the name we get excited. Read more »

Tory Burch 2014 Swimwear Collection

Summer and sun; this is what we are waiting for so long and that’s why we are so glad to see another gorgeous swimwear collection. At this time it is brand new swimwear collection for 2014 by Tom Burch.


We have already seen many swimwear collections and we are surely waiting for new arrivals but we can now say that Tom Burch 2014 swimwear collection is one of the best with its versatility of styles. Swimwear pieces have many vintage details from cuts to prints and that’s why they differ from other modern swimwear designs. Read more »


Agent Provocateur Soiree 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Agent Provocateur is the name that makes hearts beat faster. Indeed, the label has already proved to be the best and the most provocative one in modern fashion. For 2014 spring and summer label represented brand new collection full of sexy lingerie pieces.


Agent Provocateur Soiree 2014 spring/summer collection has got flair of 1950’s and at this time too designers had success. Most delicate and gentle fabrics were used to create lingerie that will make your body feel special. Read more »