2014 Spring Men’s Fashion; London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week already represented new designer collections for 2014 spring and summer and I have already represented you some of the best women’s fashion shows but we have never talked about men’s fashion shows. I think it is time to check out some designer collections from London Fashion Week.


London Fashion Week began with some of the most popular designer shows like Alexander McQueen, Burberry Prorsum, Topman Design, Lee Roach, Nicole Farhi and others. Just like other fashion events London Fashion week was remarkable with those stylish and modern designer collections for 2014 spring and summer. 

For the beginning I want to represent Margaret Howell minimalistic collection for 2014 spring. During fashion show models represented classy and wearable pieces in subtle tones. Blue was dominating.

Burberry Prorsum captured everyone’s attention with bright and multi chromatic pieces. The main accent was placed on accessories like colorful ties, scarves and shoes.


Lee Roach spring/summer 2014 collection represented during London Fashion Week was more relaxed with bold details for strong individualities. Both classy and sporty pieces are included in this edition.


Kolor chose artistic theme for spring 2014 collection. Gentle floral motifs were combined with quite masculine details and this combination turned to be really daring. I am sure you will have much fun wearing one of these floral suits.

london-mens-fashion-week-to-start-springsummer-2014-season-2 london-mens-fashion-week-to-start-springsummer-2014-season-5



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