2014 Winter Trends; Men Outerwear

We have already talked about women outerwear trends for 2014 winter and I guess it is time to check out which styles of men’s outerwear designers have prepared for 2014 winter.


2014 winter trends include elegant and stylish designs of coats. Looking through the pictures of designers we can say that outerwear trend is quite versatile; it includes both monotone and multi chromatic pieces with prints and patterns. Let’s take a closer look at some of trendy styles.

For 2014 designers offer both long and short coats. Long coat can be combined with elegant suit while short will look stylish with both suit and jeans.

On one of the fashion shows designers represented bold and conceptual styles of coats like kimonos and bathrobes. For such styles designers used fabrics with shiny prints and patterns.

Designers included several styles of capes but they are not so practical and suitable for cold weather.

The best thing about 2014 winter trends is that designers didn’t stick to single texture; fabrics and color combos are really eye catching and anyone can find something optional. Leather, velvet, shiny fabrics, suede and fur details are all included in this trend.

What about color palette for winter coats? Main color line is dark like gray, brown, and mustard, burgundy but there are also some creative tones like emerald, khaki, red, beige and cobalt blue.

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