Gianfranco Ferre Collection for 2013 Fall: Milan Fashion Week

During 2013 Milan fashion week famous designers and design houses represented all the best collections for new season and all fashion shows became epic. This fashion week showed how glamorous and versatile new season will be and it is high time to learn newest trends from famous designer houses.

Gianfranco Ferre Collection for 2013 Fall

One of the fashion shows that I want to represent you from Milan fashion week is Gianfranco Ferre collection for fall so if you are the lover of this label, do not waste your time and take a sneak peek at new fall collection from Milan fashion week.

gianfranco ferre 2013

2013 fall collection by Gianfranco Ferre represents amazing pieces and details with masculine and a bit edgy touch. At this time too Gianfranco Ferre label hasn’t lost his signature and again this statement was proved on the catwalk.

Creative designers Federico Piaggi and Stefano Citron represented line of bold and daring pieces in dark tones with a bit of dramatic twist but still all the pieces were gorgeous. Gianfranco Ferre 2013 fall collection was another one from great variety of collection with retro allure. I should note that this season many designer houses turned to retro styles and included many details in their new collections. This tendency is strong in almost all aspects and I am sure that you also have noticed this tendency.

Gianfranco Ferre Collection for 2013

Along with the masculine details and edginess, the pieces from Gianfranco Ferre new fall collection are spiced up with sexy details that are in deep contrast with severe and geometric lines. Once you have got Gianfranco Ferre clothing you will never fail in making an impression.

2013 fall collection by Gianfranco Ferre includes different designs and fabrics from leather pieces to fur. Along with the variety of styles, designers chose only black and white colors staying minimalistic in this aspect.

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