Men’s Shoes; Winter 2014 Trends

2014 winter trends have already been revealed and we can now investigate all trends in outerwear, outfits, shoes and accessories. We have already talked about 2014 winter trends in women outerwear, shoes and hats trends now it is time to check out men’s shoes trends for 2014 winter.

All below represented designs were shown during the latest fashion shows and we can now find out what are the main styles and colors of coming winter.


The main trend of 2014 men shoes is laced up model that has already become traditional and classy. Oxfords, derbies, closed shoes and monks are included in new trends.

Represented models have different styles of soles like huge, colorful and solid soles and the ones with heels that are more elegant. 

2014 winter trends represented really bold and extraordinary styles of outerwear that were completed with similar bold and modern styles of shoes. Textured shoes, styles with zippers or without a tongue are only few examples of great collection of shoes.

What about sportswear? 2014 winter shoes collection included several stylish examples of sleepers and loafers that were completed with geometric prints and textures.

The main fabric chosen for winter shoes is smooth leather but there are also pieces made of suede, crocodile leather and fabrics with relief pattern. Color palette chosen for 2014 winter shoes is quite versatile. There were represented shoes in black, light brown, mustard, burgundy, cobalt blue, emerald green, bright red and burgundy, metallic and etc.

Let’s make conclusion. 2014 winter men’s shoes are quite practical, stylish and elegant. Still, the lovers of bold and modern styles will find several optional examples to complete image.

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