New York Fashion Week for 2014 Spring; 70s Retro Styles

Latest fashion occasion was New York Fashion Week that brought into the limelight numerous brand new collections from the most popular designer houses and brands. There were many iconic styles but one thing was very common; several designers chose retro styles of 70s and as a result catwalk was full of modern pieces with vintage and retro vibe.

Such tendency is great because from now on we are free of repeating styles, cuts and textures. Coming season will be full of interesting and dramatic designs that will take you to a new reality. Get ready to find out some of the most popular fashion shows from New York Fashion Week.


Michael Kors represented amazing collection of romantic pieces for 2014 spring and summer that was full of retro details from 40s and 70s. The combination of retro details and a bit sporty style looked really bold. It was a fresh breath in fashion industry and it will definitely have great success in the future. 


Rachel Zoe’s 2014 spring collection was another show that had many retro details. Safari theme spiced up with retro cuts and prints took everyone’s breath away. Totally wearable and gorgeous, Rachel Zoe’s spring collection will be among bestsellers for coming spring.


Flower prints and patterns were the main theme of Ann Sui spring 2014 fashion show that took place during New York Fashion Week. Bohemian allure of cute flower prints and luxurious fabrics turned the catwalk into flower alley. Collection includes numerous chiffon dresses with floral prints, jackets, cardigans and other must have pieces for spring.


Bolder designs were represented by Jill Stuart who chose the image of rock star of 70s as the main inspiration for 2014 spring collection. Leather is the key detail in this collection.


For the lovers of vibrant tones and color combos I offer to check out Band of Outsiders’ spring 2014 collection that will take you back to 70s with all those crazy colors.