2014 Spring Hairstyles from Fashion Shows

All the most important fashion events have already taken place from Paris to Milan, London and New York and we can now talk about newest trends in fashion, hairstyles and makeup. 

Though it is cold now and we have so many days to survive, the most popular designers already represented spring 2014 collections. Fashion shows were all about glamorous and ultra modern designs but now I want you to pay attention to models’ hairstyles. This list of 2014 spring hairstyles from fashion shows include all the newest designs that are going to be trendy.


Just like clothing and makeup, 2014 spring hairstyles are natural and relaxed. I cannot say why designers, stylists and makeup artists opted for natural styles but I should say that is great idea. 

The tendency of braided hairstyles is still strong and for 2014 spring too hair stylists included several fantastic designs of braided hairstyles. Most styles are relaxed with a messy touch.

gallery_big_spring_2014_runway_braided_hairstyle_(2) gallery_big_spring_2014_runway_braided_hairstyle_(3) gallery_big_spring_2014_runway_braided_hairstyle_(4) gallery_big_spring_2014_runway_braided_hairstyle_(1)

Ponytail hairstyle is next popular design that was spotted in several designer shows. Both slicked and messy ponytail hairstyles are going to be trendy and no matter which one you choose you will spend only five minutes to have picture perfect look.

gallery_big_spring_2014_ponytail_hairstyle_(3) gallery_big_spring_2014_ponytail_hairstyle_(4) gallery_big_spring_2014_ponytail_hairstyle_(1) gallery_big_spring_2014_ponytail_hairstyle_(2) gallery_big_spring_2014_wet_hair_trend__(2)

Wet look has been popular for such a long time that it is very common to see similar designs on fashion shows. Such bold and sexy image can be created on any haircut and hair length even if you have short hair.


Want to look more elegant and feminine? Surely there is a way out. You can get some inspiration from those wavy hairstyles represented during fashion shows. Most of them are central parted but you can go for any hair parting or combine loose waves with cute bang.

gallery_big_spring_2014_soft_waves_hair_(1) gallery_big_spring_2014_soft_waves_hair_(2)