2014 Spring Lip Color Trends

Lust worthy lips can totally change your image so why not to have similar seductive look especially if there is needed minimal effort? The following ideas of 2014 spring lip color trends will show you some great ideas to make you really attractive.


2014 spring makeup trends are quite versatile; both natural and daring makeup looks will look great. First one that I want to show you is red lips makeup trend that will never go out of the fashion. Passionate red lips combined with striking cat eye makeup is the best weapon. Similar look will add Old Hollywood vibe to your image. Red lips, black  eyeliner, finger waves and little black dress is all you need to shine.

embedded_classic-red-lipstick-shades embedded_red-lipsticks

Do you love more ethereal and pastel tones? For 2014 spring you can go for soft and pale pink lip color. Such lip color can be completed with black mascara, glowing skin with a slightly touch or pink blush. Matte pink lipstick is more suitable for fair skin tone while pink lip gloss will be more suitable for medium tanned skin.

embedded_classic-pink-lipstick-shades embedded_pink-lipsticks

Nude lips just like red lip color will always be trendy. Nude lip color will be perfect for daytime as well as for evening makeup in case you have chosen bold eye makeup. The most important thing about nude lip color is to choose shade that will not make you look pale. It should be a bit darker with a touch of glitter.

embedded_classic-nude-lipstick-shades embedded_nude-lipsticks

Last lip color trend for 2014 spring is matte bright colors. You can choose colors from bright orange to coral and pink. Surely those colors are suitable for formal occasions so keep fruity color in your beauty kit and do not forget to vamp up your look.

embedded_classic-matte-lipstick-shades embedded_matte-lipsticks