Clothing for Petite Figure

Women with petite figure look so feminine and sweet and they never face problems when choosing clothing. There is misconception that only tall women are beautiful and sexy but I should say that it is totally wrong. As for me, petite girls are more attractive and sensual especially if proper clothing is chosen. Here are some ideas on how to choose clothing for petite figure as well as types of figure that will help you to find perfect style for you.

Clothing for Petite Figure

There are several types of petite figure that can be easily distinguished. You should always take this factor into consideration when choosing clothing be it lingerie, pants, blouse of coat.

Hourglass type of petite figure is perfect as all curves are proportionate and balanced. Defined thin waistline makes figure even more attractive and beautiful. Women always try to have thin waist combined with accentuated hips and bust and that’s why hourglass figure is considered to be perfect. If you have hourglass figure, you can opt for any type and color of clothing. Choose skinny jeans and straight skirts to look taller. Do not hide your beautiful body with bulky clothes and heavy fabrics.

triangle figure

Triangle figure is also very common. Here the bust and shoulders are a bit narrower than hips and still this type of figure is very sexual. Women with triangle figure should choose pieces that accentuate bust and place the accent on the upper part. Choose pants of dark colors and wear accentuated necklaces.
inverted-triangled figure

Inverted triangle figure is more often seen on women who have gone for plastic surgery on bust. Still there are some tricks to create proportionate body shape with the help of proper clothing and look a bit taller. The main goal should be to hide the width of shoulders and bust and place the accent on hips. Pants with pockets as well as textural fabrics will balance body shape.


Rectangle figure has almost equal size of bust, waist and hips. The main goal should be to create an illusion of thin waist. Pockets and details on the hips will make the lower part look wider while the waist will look thinner.