Arrow Tattoo Designs

One of the trendiest tattoo styles of 2015 is arrow tattoo in different variations. Besides of being so attractive and stylish arrow tattoo has unique symbolism and meaning that makes you feel really special about your arrow tattoo.

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Simple lines of arrow tattoo mean more than a complicated and large tattoo. Before you get permanent arrow tattoo find out what it means and whether this symbol is suitable for your personality or not.
Arrow is considered one of the first symbols of Native Americans and that’s why we it has so many meanings. As Native Americans were deeply spiritual people, getting their symbol is a perfect way to have a particle of their history.

colorful arrow tattoo

The meaning of arrow tattoo mainly depends on the style of arrow.

A single arrow is a symbol of protection. You are protected from negative and bad energy. Also, single arrow points particular direction and movement. If you have a particular aim in your life, an arrow will be a symbol of your aim.

Two arrows that point in opposite directions symbolize war and the power of confrontation. On the other hand, if you wish to have a tattoo that symbolizes peace get broken arrow tattoo. Two crossed arrows tattoo will symbolize friendship. This is a great tattoo idea for matching tattoo. More complicated arrow tattoo can include up to five arrows. Such tattoo will symbolize strength.

Besides of the meaning you should know where arrow tattoo looks best. For tiny tattoo you can get arrow on a finger, wrist, back and neck.