Dior Couture Makeup Trends; Spring 2013

During the latest fashion show Dior designer house represented stunning collection of luxurious pieces completed with ultra-hot and dazzling makeup looks and hairstyles. Models represented Dior  pieces looked extremely hot and sexy and I decided to take a closer investigation of this fashion show. There is much to be said about Dior 2013 fashion show but I want to introduce you Dior couture makeup trends for 2013 spring.

Dior Couture Makeup trends; Spring 2013

Dior placed the accent on lips and it definitely worked because models looked show-stopping. Passionate red lips decorated with red sparkling gems completed the whole image of a model and made it really daring. Bold red lips were combined with black mascara and barely seen eyeliner that placed the accent on lips. 

Dior Couture Makeup trends

Besides of red lips’ concept Dior Couture designer house represented all the sexuality and femininity of short crop cut hair and I guess this is going to be the new rebirth of pixie haircut for new season.

The idea of red lips with crystals was Pat MacGareth’s  who offered such creative and daring idea to decorate lips. This became real evolution in makeup trends and I am sure that this trick will be used not once.

If you decided to recreate this makeup look do not forget to stay away from dark eye makeup. Moreover, keep it in mind that if you have chosen bold lipstick, eye makeup should be subtle, use just mascara and eyeliner. The accent should be placed either on eyes or lips.

dior red lips

In order to recreate Dior couture red lips makeup look you should use intense bloody red lipstick. It should not be too shiny. After applying lipstick it will be time to decorate lips with crystals. Begin applying crystals from the outer line of lips and then go on filling lips. Of course such makeup look will be suitable only for parties so keep this trick in mind and use it for coming special occasion.

red lips