Gorgeous Small Tattoos for Ladies for 2017

Tattoos designs have already gained popularity both among ladies and men. People love to have creative and meaningful pictures tattooed on their body parts. Well, preferences are different; some people love small tattoos while others prefer to go for large ones to make them more than visible. Today we are going to explore some gorgeous small tattoos for ladies for 2017. Females’ tattoos tend to be ultra-feminine and sexy. There are various options to go for! Since tattoo is something permanent you need to be super careful while doing your choice. There are cases when people do a tattoo then they regret. Anyway tattoo artists recommend choosing something that is connected with your life although it is still up to you. Let’s hope that these pictures will give you a basic idea about your future tattoo design.Gorgeous Small Tattoos for Ladies for 2017Small Rose Tattoo

It seems a rose tattoo is the best option for ladies since this flower accentuates females’ beauty. A small rose tattoo design can be done on any part of your body. A blooming rose symbolizes newly growing love while a rose tattoo with thorns defines love that is full of pains and struggles. Apart from these, each color of rose has different meanings. Red rose is a definition of passionate love, pink rose symbolizes fist love and yellow rose is a symbol of friendship.rose tattoo design

finger rose tattoo

trendy rose tattoo

shoulder rose tattoo

small rose tattooButterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoo is pretty popular choice among girls. A butterfly tattoo has a deep meaning. It defines one’s strength and survival. The process when caterpillar turns into a gorgeous butterfly after tortures is pretty inspiring. Butterflies can accessorize any part of your body. The color of your tattoo is up to you but note that each color has different meanings. Do your own research before going for a butterfly tattoo.small butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo on foot

butterfly tattoo on nape

cute butterfly tattoo for ladiesSmall Angel Wings Tattoo

The symbolic meaning behind angel wings tattoos depends on one’s life experience and belief. Angels are sent from heaven consequently wings tattoos have only positive meaning. Wings tattoos are meant to protect the wearer plus they are associated with guardian angel. These tattoos may be reminders of someone special that has passed away. Most of females prefer to have wings tattoos on their nape of neck.small wings tattoo

wings tattoo for girls

wings tattoo on finger

wings tattooSmall Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos seem so girly. Heart is a symbol of love. Some girls choose to have a heart tattoo to show off their strong love towards someone. But if someone prefers to get a broken heart tattoo it means that individual has experienced something painful. Sometimes heart tattoos are being paired with names and other elements. Anyway hearts are excellent patterns for small tattoo design. These tattoos can be done on any part of your body.small heart tattoo for girls

small heart tattoo

heart tattoo for girls

heart tattoo

heart tattoo on shoulder