How to Choose Office Outfit

Respectable and proper outfit is must for office workers and that’s why knowing some rules is very important. More often women forget that first of all they should be feminine and elegant; office outfit doesn’t mean conservative and masculine. Learn how to look elegant and attractive wearing classy work clothes and check out the following ideas on how to choose office outfit.

Choosing Office Outfit

Office outfit should be minimalistic and classy without any eye catching and bold details that can attract attention. It should not highlight your curves but still should be suitable for your body type so first rule is to be able to say minimalistic.

The color of clothing is very important factor. Again, remember to avoid bright and vivid colors, instead choose subtle and pastel tones. For casual outfit you can choose pale pink, gray, brown, blue, black and white tones.

The best option is knee length elegant skirt or pants combined with classy blouse or white shirt. Recently sexy interpretation of office outfit is very popular but if you really want to have respectable look, you’d better not go for such image.

casual office outfit

Let’s not forget about accessories that are meant to decorate classy and conservative clothing. Massive and too eye catching accessories are not optional, instead you can choose beautiful necklace or bracelet suitable for your blouse. Do not wear both of them.

The style of shoes is as important as clothing so after you have chosen office outfit it will be time to choose suitable style of shoes. High heel shoes should be avoided as they look too sexy. Besides, you will not be able to stay on feet all day long. You can choose classy black flats that can be matched with any color and style of clothing.