How to Look Taller

Every woman wishes to have slim figure and that’s why they opt for even the most dangerous diets and drugs. You can shape your body and make it as you want to look but when it comes to height you can do nothing but learn some tricks that will make you look taller. You may get surprised when you find out that not only super high heels can provide you with desired look but also other ways that can create an illusion of taller figure. Are you excited? Let’s start from the beginning.


Posture is very important when it comes not only to psychological analysis but also to woman’s physical appearance. Try to sit straight so that you will train yourself to walk straight and have proper posture. The best way is to control your posture while sitting. I know that it is hard to sit straight but once you get used to it, you will always have right posture. 


Next trick is to find proper haircut and hairstyle that will visually make you look taller. The best option is to wear straight hair with minimal volume on sides and a bit extra volume at the top. This trick will make face look slimmer. The same principle works with both long and medium haircuts.

 What about clothing? In order to look taller you should choose clothing with horizontal stripes. Belt is great option to highlight your waist and make you look more feminine. Vertical stripes are perfect to look slimmer and this trick too can make you look taller. Beautiful bodycon dress is must have in your wardrobe.

Color is as important as style of clothing. Monotony is more preferable but if you like to combine colors try to choose subtle ones that are not in deep contrast with each other. And of course high heels but let’s not forget that high heeled shoes will not be suitable on a daily basis and you can wear them only on special occasions.


heels color-palette