How to Speed up Weight Loss

Desire of having perfect body makes you go for harsh diets and work outs but sometimes you make big mistake going for non-healthy diet. Calorie restriction is not the only way to lose weight. Actually, calorie restrictions can bring to serious health problems like low metabolism that bring to vitamin deficiency. If you feel that your diet is not working, check out those tips on how to speed up weight loss and make your diet more effective.

How to Speed up Weight Loss

Crash diet means limited number of calories per day which makes body loses water and muscle mass yet fat deposits remain the same. With low calories body goes under starvation mode with slow metabolism. Dehydration makes your skin look older and causes hair loss. This is why you should avoid low calorie diets.

The best way to speed up weight loss is to spread meal into small portions. Small snacks every two and three hours will provide organism with energy and keep metabolism in active mode this speeding up weight loss.

Stay away from chemical and processed food and go organic. Include more vegies, fruits and nuts to diet. Organic products will provide daily dosage of necessary vitamins and minerals and no chemicals.

Next best thing you can do to speed up weight loss is to drink green tea without sugar. Green and herbal teas are the best activators of metabolism. Moreover, there are the best antioxidants and detoxing products for organism.

If you are the lover of spices use them to spice up dishes. Chili pepper, cinnamon and ginger will make your dishes tastier as well as speed up metabolism and weight loss.

The lovers of coffee should forget about sugar and creamers and stick to black coffee. Start your day with a cup of black coffee and continue with green tea to get energy and speed up weight loss.

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