Makeup Trends 2013; Glitter Eyeliner

2013 trends in all aspects are very contrastive; designers, hair gurus and makeup artists offered different styles and options for new season and this is great because you there are no rules and boundaries when it comes to fashion. You are totally free to choose what you wish.

Makeup Trends 2013; Glitter Eyeliner

One of the makeup trends of 2013 that is simply amazing is glitter eyeliner and eye makeup that will be amazing option for party makeup. Glitter eyeliner is not an innovation in makeup trends and this season it is still very popular and stylish. 

Glitter eyeshadows and eyeliners are often included in makeup collections of famous brands. You will find numerous shades of eyeliner that will bring out all the beauty of your eyes. If you have decided to have smashing eye makeup for coming party, here are some ideas how to wear glitter eyeliner.

Makeup Trends 2013

Of course you know that too much makeup can ruin your image. It concerns to everything be it eye makeup, blush, bronzer or powder so do not go overboard with makeup and try to have natural look. As we are talking about party makeup, you can choose any bold and bright eyeliner color that will be eye catching.

If you want to have glittery eye makeup you should choose either glitter eyeshadow or glitter eyeliner and never combine them. Glitter eyeliner can be combined with subtle mate eyeshadow. In order to have long lasting and flawless eye makeup you’d better take all steps of makeup from foundation to eyeshadow and mascara and only then apply glitter eyeliner.

glitter eye makeup

If you have chosen darker shade of glitter eyeliner it can be applied on lower lid too and blended for dramatic look. Light eyeliners like golden or silver can be used for cat eye makeup. Recently metallic eyeshadows and eyeliners have become very trendy and popular so make sure you have some in your beauty kit.