Most Common Yoga Mistakes

Yoga is a one of the best ways to keep in harmony with body and soul. From numerous types of yoga positions you should pick the one that will be more suitable for your body and complexion. Set goals and only after that pick the right type of yoga.

Most Common Yoga Mistakes

Besides of knowledge on how to pick yoga type for your body you should stay away from important mistakes that can make yoga not effective. Here is a list of most common mistakes of yoga.

Do not push too hard

Your mind should be in a harmony with your body. It means you should listen to your body and do not go overboard with hard positions.  If you feel pain, it is a warning that your body is not able to take more. When you push too hard or get a new yoga position, it can lead to trauma. Try to take the things slowly; begin with easy positions and train your body to get to more complicated positions.

Do not miss warm ups and cool downs

Do not forget to warm up before work out so that your body will be maximum relaxed and prepared for yoga. Cool downs will help you to get back to normal breathing.

Do not eat before doing yoga

If you are hungry you can take a small snack like salad. Keep in mind to eat an hour before yoga time and take small snacks instead of complex meal. It is easier to get hard yoga positions with empty stomach.

Control breathing

The most important thing in yoga is breathing. You should control regular breathing. Practice to take a deep breath with nose and exhale with mouth. Deep breathing will normalize blood circulation and blood pressure.

Get focused

One of the main goals of yoga is to get relaxed with mind and body. If you are going to make yoga moves with your mind wondering somewhere or thinking about problems, it will not work out. Try to get concentrated on breathing and your body, open your mind and forget about problems at least for a while.

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