Smoking Causes Skin Problems

No one will deny that smoking is a bad habit and it affects not only on your budget but also on your health which is much more important than money. It is much talked about the negative effects of smoking and skin problems are just a small part. Still, skin problems are more visible and they need to be discussed in details. Here are some killing facts about skin problems caused by smoking.

Smoking Causes Skin Problems

Under-Eye Bags

The very first negative effect of smoking is uncontrolled sleep cycle. Nightly nicotine-withdrawal makes you feel tired and sleepy. You may ask how it is connected with skin problems. Under-eye bags are the most noticeable effect. Then comes dull and dehydrated skin.

Yellow Teeth

Though teeth has nothing to do with your skin still it can affect your personality and lifestyle. Nicotine stains teeth and there is no need to look for other excuses for yellow teeth. Моreover, tobacco smells awful and your breath also smells awful.

Premature Aging and Wrinkles

Here comes the most important negative effect of smoking. Wrinkles and premature aging can be a result of poor skin care but if you are a smoker, it is likely that premature aging is caused by smoking. Thus, if you are smoking 30 cigarettes a day, at your 60s you will look 10 years older than you are.


Prominent Scars

If you have noticed that the process of wound healing is longer than it is supposed to be, you can be sure that it is caused by smoking. The fact is that blood vessels get narrower leading to low oxygen percent in blood. This, in its turn, slows wound healing process.

Dull Skin

Beside of wrinkles smoking makes skin look dull and swallow. Skin changes are characterized as “Smokers Face.” If you have noticed that your skin has become dull and lost its healthy look, you’d better think over your habits.

Belly Fat

Have you ever thought that belly fat can be caused by smoking. According to studies smokers are more likely to have belly fat than nonsmokers. Besides of belly fat and extra pounds can lead to diabetes.