Spring/Summer Color Trends 2013

Sorry for being late but I’ll try to show you all the latest trends in fashion and help you to keep up to date. Well, let’s check out  spring/summer color trends2013 from Pantone and find out which is the color palette that will help you to look hot and sexy.

Spring/Summer Color Trends 2013

The reason why I turned to Pantone trends is that it makes best predictions about coming trends in fashion. After fashion weeks the predictions were ready so it is high time to learn its predictions and be aware of all the latest fashion trends.

pantone spring summer 2013 color trends

Talking about spring/summer colors trends 2013 I must say that the palette is really dazzling. All the brightest shades are included from pale and vibrant green to blue and yellow. Besides of learning color trends you should also learn how to combine the colors so let’s start from the beginning.

The list of 2013 spring/summer color trends includes emerald and lemon zest, Monaco blue and dusk blue, linen, grayed jade, poppy red, African violet, nectarine and tender shoots. Bright and joyful, aren’t they?

pantone color trends 2013

All the colors included in this list are practical and suitable for spring, so leave behind boring and dull colored clothes and spice up spring days with bright clothing. In spite past season trends, 2013 color trends are brighter and vibrant with playful allure. Still, 2013 color palette includes some subtle shades for the lovers of elegant and classy style. When I say trendy colors, I don’t mean you just have to follow the trend and pick only those shades. It’s just a piece of advice for those who want to be on trend. You are totally free to choose what you desire.

There are many other shades that were trendy last season and this season too they are included in the list of trendy colors. Purple, dark blue and orange are still fashionable so if you have pieces of those colors, do not even think about hiding them in closet.

pantone fashion color trends 2013