Summer Candy Makeup Ideas

Summer is perfect season to experiment with pastel colors. You can try garments and accessories in pastels as well as hair color and makeup in soft pastel shades. The trend of candy makeup with soft pastel colors were seen on the latest runway shows; it means, designers got back to lovely makeup looks. If you are used to wear natural makeup with nude earthy tones it will be a bit difficult to switch up to contrastive shades, still candy makeup is a great option for evening makeup. For now, you can learn some basics of candy makeup and keep them for special occasion.

Summer Candy Makeup Ideas

Candy Eye Makeup

Candy makeup should be begun with eyes. This makeup look supposes bright colors and intensive eye makeup so get ready to use everything you have in your beauty kit. Start with the base that will keep eye makeup longer. The best option is under eye concealer. Now it is time for eyeshadow. The shades of blue and green are suitable for all skin tones and outfit so take it as a “neutral tone” for candy makeup. As an option, you can combine blue with baby pink or coral shades. If you are skilled enough you will be able to combine the colors in a beautiful way creating perfect transition of colors.

candy eye makeup


Candy makeup supposes flawless porcelain skin so try to conceal all blemishes and imperfections of your skin. For cheeks use dusky pink blush that will add youthful touch to your image. Make sure you do not apply too much blush so that your skin will look natural. Apply the blush on the highest points of cheekbones; this is how candy makeup looks.

skin makeup


It is time for candy lips. Just like accentuated eyes candy makeup supposes accentuated and hard-to-resist kissable lips. For candy makeup you should match blush color with lip color so that multi-color eye makeup will be the only contrastive shade of makeup. However, if you have fair skin you can experiment with bolder colors like red, purple and pink. A touch of lip gloss will make your lips kissable and sexy. If you are not the lover of shimmery lip glosses you can complete the look with matte pink or coral lipstick.



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