Summer Styling Tips

Summer is great with its hot days and party night but high temperature means a lot of discomfort and you can do nothing but wear appropriate clothes. Here are some summer fashion tricks that will help you to withstand unbearable hot weather.

Summer Styling Tips

1. Wear loose clothes. Loose fabric will make your skin breathe and keep you cooler. You will feel more comfortable with a loose maxi dress than in a pair of denim shorts and top.

loose clothes
2. Wearing proper underwear is as important as outerwear clothing. Try to choose natural fabrics. As for bra choose unlined bralette.

summer underwear
3. When choosing fabrics make sure it is natural and lightweight. Still choose the one that has a not structure so that it won’t cling to body as soon as you sweat.

lightweight fabrics
4. Cotton fabric is the best for summer. It leaves skin breathe even on hot weather unlike artificial fabrics like polyester or rayon. It absorbed sweat and dries fast.

natural fabrics
5. One of the biggest misconceptions is that cold shower in hot weather lowers temperature. Still the effect lasts not long and you will feel hotter than before. On the other hand, hot shower will lower body temperature and you will feel fresh and relaxed.

hot shower
6. Let’s get back to clothing. When choosing clothing in the morning make sure it is clean. You sweat much; it means you need to wash clothes after each time you wear them.

how to choose summer clothing
7. If you love massive accessories and embellished clothing keep them for cool weather because they make you sweat and feel uncomfortable. Instead, get tiny accessories in case you cannot imagine your image without accessories.

summer accessories
8. Proper handbag can also make you feel comfortable on hot weather. Though backpack is suitable to carry all your staff, you will feel extremely uncomfortable with heavy backpack. Leave less important things at home and pick small cross body bag.

summer bag
9. If you have long hair and you are used to wear it lose you have probable felt discomfort of sweat neck. There is a simple solution. You can use a small scarf that will keep hair off your neck.

summer hairstyle
10. The color of fabric is as important as its type. Pick pastel colors like pale pink, lemon, mint, and sky blue, nude that will not absorb light.

summer colors



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