What to Choose for Snack

If you have started healthy diet and excluded unhealthy food you would probably like to know what to choose for snack and what are the mistakes that you make. Snack is an important part of meal to get enough energy so you should organize it with great care.

What to Choose for Snack
1. Nuts vs Candy

Undoubtedly you like candies more than nuts yet they are harmful for your figure and your organism. You do get more energy with nuts plus they are rich in nutrients.

Nuts vs Candy
2. Fruit-flavored yogurt vs Low-fat Greek yogurt with honey.

Flavored yogurt contains sugar and low protein. It means your organism will not get enough energy and you will get hungry sooner than you are supposed to. Instead, you can choose plain Greek yogurt with honey.

Fruit-flavored yogurt vs Low-fat Greek yogurt with honey.
3. Fruit juice vs Real fruit

Why to drink juice with added sugar when you can eat natural fruits without additives? Besides fruits contain fiber that keeps you satisfied longer.

Fruit juice vs Real fruit
4. Smoothies

Smoothies are great alternatives for a snack. Moreover if you choose veggies and fruits for a smoothie it will be a perfect source of daily dosage of vitamins and nutrients. Choose smoothie with a thicker consistent (with yogurt).

5. Potato chips vs Air-popped popcorn

If you are the lover of potato chips keep them after snack or dinner because they are not suitable for snacks. On the other hand popcorn with Parmesan cheese will be a great snack.

5. Potato chips vs Air-popped popcorn
6. Rice cakes vs Whole-grain toast 

Low calorie snack will not provide organism with necessary energy and you will soon feel weak and sleepy. Instead of rice cakes you can eat whole grain toast with avocado.

Rice cakes vs Whole-grain toast
8. Diet soda vs Water 

Soda even if it is diet soda should be something like a tabu for you. Such drinks contain much sugar and cause bloating.

Diet soda vs Water

9. Cupcakes vs Whole-grain English muffin 

Like all sweets, cupcakes contain a lot of sugar. It means, cupcake is not going to be the part of your healthy diet. Instead of cupcake eat a whole-grain muffin that is rich in fiber, therefore it will make you feel satisfied and fight hunger.

Cupcakes vs Whole-grain English muffin



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