Word Print Fashion Trend

Prints and patterns are trendy this summer. Almost all popular brands and designer houses chose printing for summer collections. From all styles of prints word print is the best to make a statement and accentuate personality. Word print trend is trend is strong in modern fashion so let’s check out some of the best examples from the red carpet.


Word print is a unique way to express thoughts, emotions or anything you wish. Single word can have so much power and so much to say. Sibling, Celine, Christopher Kane and others chose one word prints like “Happy”, “Flower”, “Petal” and etc.


Text prints expressing ideas or lemmas are also very popular. This trend gives you more opportunities to highlight your individuality and express your thoughts. Some of them are too provocative and daring so make sure you will feel confident getting so much attention. Kenzo, Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, Moschino and others represented several examples of text prints during spring fashion shows.





Logos are everywhere. The most popular labels are chosen as prints to decorate garments. Here are the examples of DNKY and Coca-Cola logos printed on designer garments. Surely they are rather individual and if you do not like it there is no reason to follow trend. Be yourself, choose what you like and feel at ease.