Eco Handbags by Gucci

Gucci designer house never stops admiring us with unique collections for every season and this season too Gucci prepared fantastic innovation for the lovers of the brand. At this time Gucci launched collection of eco handbags. Let’s take a closer look at this collection and find out why it is called eco collection.

Eco Handbags by Gucci

Creative designer of Gucci house Livia Firth was the one who brought the idea of eco goodies into limelight and it became the beginning of enormous work in this field. Besides of the name, Gucci eco handbag will have a passport hidden in a nutshell. Passport or certificate will be an assurance that during the production of the bag deforestation is limited.

This is the era of great changes and people really try to protect nature in any possible way. This is going to be the main idea of Gucci house and I hope that soon many labels and designers houses will be guided with the same idea. If every single girl and woman will be aware of this movement, soon our planet will be much purer and virgin. Gucci label has made the first step towards better future and now it is your turn to do right choice.

Creative designers as well as creative directors and executive vice president were really impressed by the work of National Wildlife Federation and this became inspiration for such a gorgeous collection of bags.

And a few words about Gucci bags. Every single design represents combination of practicality and elegance with a unique signature of Gucci brand. Eco handbag collection comes in three styles and all of them are fabulous. No matter you choose the top-handle tote or hobo you will surely stand out in a crowd with your accessory. At last, great news from Gucci is that the brand has donated $65000 dollars to the National Wildlife Federation.

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