Gucci Bamboo Confidential Handbags

True fashionistas surely know about the importance of stylish accessories like jewelry, belts, scarves, sunglasses and of course handbags. The same things know creative designers of popular labels and that’s why every season we have so many luxurious collections to choose from.

I am a great lover of handbags and as soon as I saw Gucci new collection I simply lost my mind. Bamboo Confidential handbags were first represented in 1947 and every year new styles are launched. For new season Gucci launched two designs Lady Look and Bamboo Shopper. Those designs are very much like classy Bamboo Confidential designs but they are upgraded with modern details and now are breathtaking.


Gucci new campaign was shot in London at Savoy. Models featuring campaign, makeup, hairstyles, and poses make you want those bags. Take a look at this gallery of Gucci bags and decide whether you can resist temptation.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper line includes 4 colors black, red, blue and the one with jaguar prints. No matter which one you choose you will have fantastic look. Besides of being so luxurious and stylish, Gucci Bamboo Confidential bags are very practical. High quality leather bag will serve you for a long time, so do not lose your chance to become the owner of Gucci bag.

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