Mawi Glitter Clutches; Fall 2013

If spring and summer are the seasons of joy and colors, fall is all about drama and this became the concept of Mawi clutches collection launched for 2013 fall. The words that can describe Mawi new collection are “the more the better” and you will soon be convinced of  this statement.

Mawi Glitter Clutches; Fall 2013

Mawi Glitter clutches include all the luxury of jewels and can be surely considered amazing accessory for evening outfit. The lovers of shine accessories will surely like all pieces included in fall 2013 collection so let me introduce brief gallery of Mawi clutches and help you to find the best one for your evening outfit.

Mawi glitter clutches collection comes in tree lines. One of them is suitable for those who are not afraid of too much glitter and stones. Embellished with shiny crystals, stones as well as metallic details, those clutches look really bold.

Those who love minimalistic styles still can choose suitable clutch among all those glittery pieces. Mawi glitter clutches with golden, metallic details combined with two stones look so gorgeous and elegant. Though shiny, those pieces will be perfectly suitable for classy evening gown.

Colors chosen for Mawi glitter clutches collection are as bright and shiny as stones. Subtle is definitely not the word that can describe this new collection. Shiny red, blue, purple, pink, silver, golden and many other colors will help you to find the most suitable one for your evening gown. At last, once you have got Mawi clutch you can go on without jewelry as your clutch will serve as a luxurious accessory.

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