2013/2014 Jewelry Accessories; Louis Vuitton vs Bulgari

Two popular brands like Louis Vuitton and Bulgari are trendsetters in modern fashion and when those labels launch new collections they immediately capture everyone’s attention. What happens when those two brands represent new collections at the same time? Let’s find out newest jewelry collections by Louis Vuitton and Bulgari and decide which one is the best.


Louis Vuitton together with beauty bunny Andreea Diaconu represented 2013 fall jewelry collection. Those pieces have many common details from 1930s; the allure of art-deco movement is quite strong and it is noticeable in every item. There are two words distinguishing this collection; versatility and luxury. Color palette of jewelry pieces ranges from black to silver, gold, bronze and all shades of brown. Leather details make accessories even more luxurious and unique.

Label’s signature flower is present in almost all items and you can recognize Louis Vuitton accessories whenever you see them.


Let’s go on and find out what Bulgari has included in 2013 all accessory collection. Bulgari Diva collection featuring Carla Bruni is even more luxurious than Louis Vuitton’s jewelry collection (at least for me). Bulgari designers chose bright colors, shiny stones and beautiful combos. The iconic style is surely snake-shaped necklace embellished with semi-precious stones. Ethnic accessories with colorful beads are also smashing. Colors of stones chosen for collection are bright and daring. Such accessory is meant to brighten up fall days with extra glamour.

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