2015 Summer Festival Accessories

The season of open air festivals has begun and every weekend you have a chance to take part in music, dance, beer and art festivals where you will have so much fun and unforgettable moments. To have stylish look and perfect photos from festivals you should not forget to decorate your image with “festival accessories”. Find out the main trends of festival accessories 2015 and rush the stores to get ready for coming party.

2015 Summer Festival Accessories
Chain Chokers

Chokers have made a huge comeback on the latest fashion shows and they really look cool. For 2015 they are heavy and massive embellished with stones. Chain versions with colorful stones will look gorgeous with boho style. If you are not the lover of thick chains and massive accessories, you can choose thin one and complete the look with other accessory pieces.

Chain Chokers


As we are talking about open air festivals and you are supposed to wear sunglasses. 2015 sunglasses trends include bolder styles like oversized and colorful frames with dark lenses and round shapes with mirror lenses. Get something cool and fun; after all it is summer festival and you are going to have a lot of fun.

Sunglasses 2015

To protect your hair and head from sun as well as complete the look with stylish accessory, go for wide brim hat or straw hat. Stylish hat will save you from the problem of suitable festival hairstyle. You can simply plait hair in a messy braid and put on a hat.

Hats 2015

High waist jeans and tucked in blouses are the main trend of this summer. Get this combination and do not forget to complete the look with stylish belt. As your belt will be open and accentuated, it should be stylish, maybe with embellishments or chain details.

Belts 2015
Gilded Body Chains

The sexiest accessory that makes girls and boys faint is body chain. There are several variations of body chains like the one that goes around the neck and waist or more complicated one that encompasses shoulders and neck. Your choice will depend on your outfit so try to find the best combination.

Gilded Body Chains

Chain Hand Pieces

Let’s not forget that this summer is going to be the “tribute” to ’70s fashion and here is another piece of accessory from the past decades. If you wear chain hand piece there is no need to wear bracelets and other rings, otherwise your hand will look overloaded.




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