Cher Dior High Jewelry Collection

Girls simply go crazy about jewelry especially those shiny pieces represented by popular brands and designers. The latest accessory collection launched for fall was Cher Dior High Jewelry collection. Take a sneak peek at them.


This is waterfall of colorful shiny stones and you will simply get lost in this collection. It is not just a collection of jewelry; it is true parade of art pieces. The edition totally differs from classy Dior style; those items are bolder full of colors.

Creative director of Dior jewelry edition Victoire de Castellane commented then;

“This time, I wanted to work with the idea of all the colors fighting each other. They are not supposed to be friends, but they are stuck together”.

Being the second jewelry edition by Castellane this collection is even more luxurious and unique.


Cher Dior High jewelry collection includes nine pairs of earrings, twelve rings and two necklaces. Those pieces can be combined and mixed.

White gold, emerald, diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, sapphire and other precious stones are used for Dior jewelry collection and it is clear that the price of every piece will be higher.

One of the key items in this collection is surely Majestueuse Multicolore necklace in yellow gold embellished with diamond and sapphires in pink, purple and yellow. Such luxurious jewelry will complete similar luxurious evening gown.


The lovers of shiny earrings will simply fall in love with Fascinante Emraude earrings in yellow gold embellished with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

You already imagine how many zeros those jewelry pieces have so if you really want to have one of them, you should begin saving money. Actually it will take a long time. For now, you can just take a look at this parade of fantastic designer jewelry.


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