Olivia Palermo for Carrera Y Carrera

And again we are talking about jewelry because I am sure that every single woman is obsessed with those luxurious shiny pieces. At this time I am going to represent you Carrera Y Carrera jewelry collection featuring Olivia Palermo. It is really hard to say what is more gorgeous Olivia Palermo with her unique beauty or jewelry collection so let’s take a closer look at this campaign and do the best to resist the temptation.


The choice of model is simply brilliant. I can hardly say who else could represent this collection better than Olivia Palermo. Every detail is preplanned from her luxurious dresses, makeup, hairstyle and of course those jewelry pieces.

“Tesoros del Imperio” that is how Carrera Y Carrera campaign is titled. As title reveals (the translation is The treasures of the Spanish Empire) this collection is full of unique styles and they will surely gain devotion of experts and the lovers of jewelry.


Yellow gold, diamonds and amethyst – what else can be more luxurious? Four rings are key items from this collection. Pendants and earrings are as unique as rings and they can be perfectly combined with those exquisite rings.

Well this all about Olivia Palermo and Carrera Y Carrera Tesoros del Imperio campaign. I hope you can still breathe after such parade of accessories and you will have a chance to try on one of them.

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