Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Collection

With the official premiere of the Great Gatsby movie Tiffany & Co is going to launch new collection of jewelry titled The Great Gatsby. This is going to be great event in both film and fashion industries and all fashion forward people can’t wait till next month. Let’s not talk about movie and its premier and go on looking through the pictures of Tiffany & Co jewelry pieces. I think it will be more interesting for our beauty bunnies.

Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Collection

First of all I want to say that this collection was so much awaited. It is just a lookbook and the collection hasn’t been launched yet but it has already gained so much attention.

Being inspired from the movie, this collection includes so many retro and vintage details. The collaboration of Tiffany & Co with The Great Gatsby brought into the limelight so gorgeous jewelry pieces that were used in movie so you can either watch the movie or check out jewelry collection first.

Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Collection 2013

The collection is really enormous and introducing them in details will be too long so let’s check out some of the most beloved and luxurious pieces first. One of the most luxurious pieces is white gold ring with diamonds and a huge diamond of 5,25 carats in the center. 


More joyful example is ring with small pink and blue diamonds and yellow diamond in the center.


Another luxurious jewelry from Tiffany & Co collection is bracelet featuring fish. Colorful sapphires and diamonds, what else can look more luxurious?


I couldn’t simply ignore this Savoy headpiece that was spotted so many times in pictures and videos of Carey Mulligan. Embellished with diamonds and pearls this accessory can be considered the key item of this collection.

tiffany-co-savoy headpiece

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