DIY Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans is may be the most popular and beloved design of youngsters and not only. This cool and casual style of jeans can be worn from day to night and matched with any accessory. Virtually all brands of denim pieces and not only include new gorgeous styles of ripped jeans in new collections and girls just go crazy about them.


You can surely find infinite styles of ripped jeans both cheap and expensive but there is another trick you can do. You can transform your old jeans into sexy and super stylish ripped jeans with simple trick. Here are some ideas on how to make ripped jeans for your own. 

In order to create stylish ripped jeans just like from designer collections you will need a blade, nail scissors, chalk and a piece of carton. If you are handy at such thing like transforming clothes or accessories you will have no difficulties on creating ripped jeans. If not, you can find video tutorials.


The most important thing is to determine the place of ripped parts. You can place it on knees but remember that the holes will be large and eye catching. You can also make small holes all over jeans. Think twice in order not to make any mistake because there will be no way out.

The easiest way to make ripped style is to cut jeans with a blade and then remove threads by the direction of the cut. Another way or making ripped design is using a small grind. This trick will make small holes. For better look use pumice and awl. At last you will need to wash jeans in a washing machine to get that perfect ripped effect.