Donna Karan; New York Fashion Week 2013

2013 New York fashion week managed to capture the attention of millions fashionistas and fashion forward people and the reason why this event was so popular is a set of fantastic runway shows. Popular labels and designer houses represented newest collections and most of them immediately became trend of new season. Stylists and fashion critics surely had comments about shows as well as predictions about coming seasons so why not to check out yourself several designer shows from 2013 New York fashion week.

donna karan pre fall 2013

All designer shows from New York fashion week deserve attention and appreciation but now I want to show you Donna Karan runway show. This well known label is may be women’s the most beloved one as it surely predicts what women want. Every new collection and campaign attracts much attention and no wonder why Donna Karan fashion show made a boom during New York fashion week 2013.

Continuing the tradition of being glamorous and ethereal, Donna Karan represented parade of gorgeous dresses for this fashion week. In fact runway show represented pieces from Donna Karan 2013 pre-fall collection where the main signature was clean lines and a bit abstract monochromatic pieces.

donna karan fall 2013

Luxurious fabrics, elegant pastel tones and unique designs are distinctive features of Donna Karan pre-fall collection and examples represented during 2013 New York fashion week. Though the label  showed only the part of collection, it was enough to make a conclusion that this collection will be one of the bestsellers for coming fall. Make sure you do not miss your chance to become the owner of designer pieces, stay in touch with the latest updates and become true fashionista.

Donna Karan; New York Fashion Week 2013

Donna Karan; New York Fashion Week

Donna Karan; New York Fashion show

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