How to Look Slimmer

Every woman wants to look attractive and sexy and is ready to do everything that is needed. The tendency of slim figure is still strong and women try stay on trend. There is no need to torture yourself with harmful diets and drugs; you can simply learn few tricks on how to look slimmer wearing proper clothing.

How to Look Slimmer

Choosing modern and stylish goodies is only the first part of looking attractive. You should know some rules which designs suit your figure or which one is a taboo for you. No matter how skinny woman is she always tries to look even slimmer. I cannot explain this tendency, anyway I am not going to talk about reasons, instead I want to introduce you some easy steps to make you thinner and more sexual.

First thing I want to say is your posture. Try to keep chest out and your back straight. This trick will help you to minimize visually the zone of stomach and make you look thinner.

Next, you should analyze your features thoroughly and then go on choosing proper clothing. So if you have broad shoulders or horizontal stripes, you should choose proper type of jeans that will make you look slimmer. You can find out more about styles of jeans in other posts so stay in touch with my blog and you will soon become true beauty bunny.

tricks to look slimmer

Another great trick to create an illusion of slim figure is accessory, particularly eye catching accessories like scarves, headband or big necklace. This trick will place the accent on an accessory and hide your curves.

Heels, heels and again heels! Besides of being so sexy, high heel shoes will help you to look slimmer. Still, not every style of shoes will be suitable for you; make sure you feel comfortable wearing heels. dknight magicbox

At last, do not stick to black color knowing that it slims you otherwise your image will soon bore everyone. Try to experiment with different colors and keep in mind to choose flowy fabrics instead of heavy ones.