Mango New Lookbook; 2014 January

After New Year parties it is time to check out what popular brands have prepared for new month. Mango new 2014 January lookbook has prepared line of ultra modern and stylish pieces that will make you forget about cold winter days and get ready for spring.


2014 lookbook that is first represented in black and white tones then get colored so that we can enjoy all the beauty of new styles. As always Mango represented totally wearable pieces for the lovers of everything comfortable. New collection includes shorts, tops, cropped pants, leather jackets, dresses and many other new pieces that can be mixed and matched. Surely new lookbook will show you several great ideas on how to wear Mango clothes.

What about color palette? Well here everything is quite natural without any crazy colors and color combos. Most styles are monotone but there are several cute pieces with stripes and polka dots that are beautifully combined with monotone pieces.

What about accessories? Alas, Mango 2014 January lookbook included only pieces of clothing but you can already find the whole collection in the stores. You can now rush the stores and find brand new pieces for your wardrobe.

Mango_January_2014_lookbook3 Mango_January_2014_lookbook4 Mango_January_2014_lookbook5 Mango_January_2014_lookbook6 Mango_January_2014_lookbook7 Mango_January_2014_lookbook1