No Bra Looks; Do’s & Don’ts

No bra look can be really sexy if only you know how to pull it off. Regardless of cup size you should know some tips on how to go braless. In order to have stylish and flawless look you should never ignore this or that look otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.

No Bra Looks; Dos & Dont's

It is much easier to pull off no bra look when you have A or B cup. Everything changes when it comes to C cup. It is harder to have perfect look with C cup and wear dress without bra. 



Wearing the right fabric is may be the most important thing when it comes to braless look. You should definitely stay away from lightweight fabrics like silk, rayon and satin in solid colors. Still, if you have chosen one of those fabrics make sure you wear something else on top to hide nipples (they will definitely show off).


Nipple tape is a great trick to hide nipples and they are a must if you are wearing a shirt or blouse with a deep neckline. Darker shades are more preferable for no bra look while white color is a big no-no. Choose dresses and tops with under-bust support that will keep the shape of breasts and make dress look more attractive. Next best thing is a top with breast pocket.


The greatest tip to pull of no bra look is to wear a jacket or coat over dress. Vests, boleros and camisoles will look stylish and at the same time provide totall coverage of nipples.

At last, do not forget about accessories that will decorate outfit and at the same time make your braless look more harmonious. Go for low hanging necklace that will keep eyes on it rather than on breasts.