The Art of Sprezzatura in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion is as gorgeous and interesting as women’s and modern fashion industry constantly represents us new collections and campaigns for men. The latest fashion trend is sprezzatura art that is so often seen on the catwalk and red carpet. If you are not aware of what sprezzatura term means, let’s first find out more information about it and then go on with modern styles.


The term was used for the first time by Baldassare Castuglione in his ‘The Book of the Coutier” in 1528. The shortest explanation of the term is nonchalance in style. 

In modern fashion, the term sprezzatura is mostly used for men’s fashion and it again means nonchalant attitude in clothing. This trend of combining contrastive styles is very popular nowadays.

There are several types of sprezzatura styles and if you are not aware on how to choose this style, you will have a chance to get some useful information.

gallery_big_spezzatura-style-suit-with-loafers gallery_big_italian-gentleman-sprezzatura-fashion gallery_big_italian-sprezzatura-outfits gallery_big_double-button-suit-sprezzatura-style gallery_big_david-gandy-street-style

Combining two and more colors is the main principle but it doesn’t mean you should look like a parrot. Combine several subtle tones and styles and do not afraid of mixing classy with casual designs. Accessories like colorful tie, stylish belt are must for image.


Tie is another key item in sprezzatura style and there are several ways of wearing it. For more advanced image you should wear it a bit longer. You can wear it relaxed. One tone shirt or the one with stripes can be combined with cardigan or casual sportscoat. Next detail for sprezzatura style is patterns and stripes.