WildFox Denim Collection 2013

Recently WildFox represented new 2o13 denim collection so I am glad to introduce you some of the hottest pieces from this collection.


Another amazing surprise from Wildfox became this denim collection. For summer Wildfox prepared several campaigns and some of them are already introduced in my blog.

Creative director of Wildfox Michelle Siwy tried to create unique collection of pants that go beyond just being denim. Versatility and edginess are key words that should be used to describe this collection so do not miss your chance to find out what is included in 2013 Wildfox denim collection.

The main signature of new collection is… Wait, there isn’t any signature line here. The pieces are so different and contrastive; from dark skinny jeans to bright multi chromatic pieces, everything is included in new collection and you will have plenty of styles to choose from.

WildFox Denim Collection 2013

Creative designers got inspiration from crazy styles of 70s and 90s and as a result they created such an edgy and funky collection full of colors and prints. Being so funky and stylish, those pieces are extremely comfortable and of high quality.

Which are the most spectacular pieces of Wildfox denim collection? Of course styles with galactic prints as well as shiny metallic designs that will surely keep all eyes on you. Taking into consideration the fact that there are different tastes and preferences, designers created different styles both edgy and minimalistic so if you shy away from wearing colorful jeans, you can go for monochrome dark or classy denim.

Wildfox 2013 denim collection will be launched in July so do not miss you chance to find them in stores and become the owner of high fashion pieces.

WildFox Denim Collection WildFox Denim


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