Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ Anti-Cellulite Jeans Campaign

Women always try to look slimmer and do everything to stay away from excessive weight and other problems like cellulite. Thanks to numerous modern products and diets it has become much easier to control perfect wight still women seek for perfection and this became the main inspiration of Wrangler new ‘Denim Spa’ anti-cellulite jeans campaign launched recently.

'Denim Spa' Anti-Cellulite Jeans Campaign

Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ Anti-Cellulite jeans are not just jeans with specific name, they indeed have slimming effect. Moreover, they contain moisturizing and slimming ingredients that act like a little spa time for your legs. Featured by model Elizabeth Jagger, Wrangler new campaign represents a set of amazing jeans so hurry up to find out which are the specific features of Wrangler collection.

What is the secret of Wrangler anti-cellulite jeans? The pieces are infused with moisturizing ingredients that are meant to provide your skin with necessary nourishment. Hydration is the key to perfect and flawless skin and designers surely knew about it. The collection offers 3 skinny jeans in Smooth Legs, Olive Extract and Aloe Vera.

Wrangler 'Denim Spa' Anti-Cellulite Jeans Campaign

Smooth Legs jeans are infused with Skintex moisturizing formula that is meant to reduce cellulite. The mixture of sea kelp, retinol and caffeine encapsulated in the fibres of jeans treat your legs as long as you wear jeans.

Olive Extract includes olive fruit that moisturizes legs and provides with delicate fragrance. Aloe Vera will provide you with calming effect.

Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ anti-cellulite jeans collection comes in 3 styles. Courtney is a low waisted sexy skinny jeans suitable for petite and skinny figure. Corynn is a mid size and Molly is another skinny jeans for the lovers of low waist cuts.

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