Zac Zac Posen Collection; 2014 Spring

Zac Zac Posen has already represented spring 2014 collection in designer’s studio. Unlike previous season styles, new spring pieces are more optimistic and ethereal. In other words Zac Zac Posen new collection is perfectly suitable for spring. Romantic vibe is stronger, colors are brighter and cuts are more feminine.


Key items of Zac Zac Posen spring collection are dresses and skirts. Dresses are feminine and perfectly suitable to make you look elegant and attractive. Besides of those ultra-feminine dresses, new spring collection includes several pieces with masculine touch. Those are very practical and highly fashionable high waist pants and leather jackets.

What about prints? Zac Zac Posen 2014 spring collection offers monotone designs, animal and floral prints are included in new edition. The lovers of ruffles will find several cute and flirty styles for casual and formal occasions.

Besides of those casual relaxed pieces Zac Zac Posen included several beautiful evening dresses. Simple yet very cute and stylish designer dresses are meant to bring out woman’s natural beauty.

Zac Zac Posen 2013 spring collection is a bright spot and it will surely jazz up spring days after long cold winter. Zac Zac Posen spring collection will be soon launched. You just need to be patient and stay in touch with designer’s newest updates.

gallery_big_Floral_print_maxi_dress_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection gallery_big_Printed_pant_outfit_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection gallery_big_Maxi_dress_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection gallery_big_Floral_print_skirt_outfit_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collectiongallery_big_Skirt_and_blazer_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection gallery_big_Yellow_midi_dress_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection gallery_big_Red_maxi_dress_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection gallery_big_Printed_suit_and_bralette_from_Zac_Zac_Posen's_spring_2014_collection