Fall 2016 Collections of London Fashion Week by Vogue

Fall is close so the most popular designers have started their job. Every fashion house has works hard for representing new fashionable clothing lines for 2016.London Fashion Week 2016

London is a city full of dreams which is getting ready for the fall as well. The most popular designers keep their magical collections ready to impress fashionistas and all ladies who keep thinking that fashion is a drug for them. So, if you are interested to know what is trendy this year then go on reading to see fall 2016 collections of London fashion week. Read more »

Top Denim Trends in 2016

In variety of clothes it is important not to lose your sense of fashion. Sometimes young ladies mistake fashionable clothes with spread ones. When you walk down the street and see many people wearing the same style and the same clothes. I think fashionable ladies are those who take modern outfits and spice it with their own spices. There are many people who prefer to wear jeans because these clothes are both comfortable and trendy.jeans for 2016 Jeans are trousers, a type of garment typically made from denim or dungaree. Jeans were worn by workers but gradually it became popular among young generation particularly greasers and hippies. Nowadays jeans are still popular but there is a group of people that don’t know which jeans are particularly trendy. So go on reading to see top denim trends in 2016. Read more »

Best Accessories of Spring/Summer 2016 by Vogue

The season of spring/summer accessories is declared open. The most popular Vogue magazine has showed the best accessories which are going to hit the year. Sometimes accessories add new nuances to your look. By changing your earrings, bracelets, scarves, bags or shoes you can create completely a new look but it is important to choose a right accessory because it may also destroy your look.emilio pucci 2016 Today I am going to help you in your choice by representing the best accessories of spring/summer 2016 by Vogue. Let’s see what is trendy this year. Read more »

Leopard Prints in Fashion 2016

The most popular leopard print clothes, accessories wearers are Kate Moss, Anne Bancroft and Chloe Sevigny. These three models rocked leopard prints completely differently. We have seen Kate Moss wearing a leopard print coat which inspired many fashion lovers to opt for various things with leopard prints. What about Anne Bancroft whose wardrobe gave a reason to young generation to think about bringing leopard prints back from 90s?cool leopard prin clothes 2016For all those who also think that leopard prints will never get out of fashion should follow our article to see things with Leopard Prints in Fashion 2016. These are the best leopard-print looks that are going to cover you whole summer. Read more »

The Best Looks from Cannes 2016

Cannes 2016 gave us a chance to see celebrities demonstrating their stylish and expensive clothes. It was a real celebration for us to see so many stylish dresses in different styles. If you want to see the best looks from Cannes 2016 then you should go on reading. I am sure these fascinating looks will take you to the world of luxury fashion.

Anna Kedrick Kan 2016

Kendall Jenner

Let’s start our list with the most discussed looks. Kylie Jenner was literally shining on the red carpet. She wore a hot long dress by Roberto Cavalii. Her long t-shirt dress in silk tulle with intertwined black velvet was simply breathtaking. She used luxurious accessories. Everything was in harmony. Read more »

Kitx 2016/2017 Fashion Show

Several days ago we had a chance to see the Kitx Fashion show. Models rocked the stage by representing the coolest looks for 2016/2017. Australian popular designer Kit Willow presented her super clothing line. Many fashionistas were waiting for this fashion event. Everything was well organized. Kitx 2016/2017 fashion show was really revolutionary because we understood that natural hairstyles and simple outfits will never get out of the fashion industry. The dresses designed by Kit had too much simple but yet impressive looks. Kit’s inspiring clothing line will stay in the center of celebrities’ and fashion lovers’ attention for a long time.  white kitx fashion showKitx 17 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion show has become a matter of discussion for many popular blogs such as Vogue, Daily Mail and so on. Fashion critics have managed to find something which they like or dislike. Read more »

Chanel 2016/2017 Runway Show

You like to follow fashion shows and you missed the last Chanel show then you should pay attention to our article because we are going to represent you Chanel Cruise 2016/2017 Runway show. Each year Chanel organizes such show and represents the latest trends. Many celebrities like to be part of this show because most of time we can see them wearing clothes by Chanel. After fashion show, experts start to discuss the looks, by the way everything was in harmony and when you check up these looks you will see that they are really impressive.Chanel fashion show 2016Many celebrities have attended Chanel fashion show. Chanel fashion show is a real festival for all fashion lovers who are waiting to see new fashion trends. Read more »

10Cutest Celebrities’ looks from Met Gala 2016

These days Met Gala 2016 is the main topic of discussion. World is focused on the best looks from Met Gala. The theme was “Minus x Machina”. You are amazed to know the theme of the show, well the purpose of the theme was to show the influence of technology on fashion world.

Met Gala 2016 Technologies directly or indirectly impact on everything. So, you have already understood that you are going to see looks which are inspired by techno life. Let’s check out 10cutest celebrities’ looks from Met Gala 2016. Read more »

The Best Accessories from 2016 Milan Fashion Week

The Best Accessories from 2016 Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are full of surprises; if you follow them you will find the most extravagant looks ever. Fashion weeks give you an opportunity to rethink about your style. By the way even a small accessory can speak about you: bracelets, earnings, rings, necklaces, glasses shoes bags.best accessories ferragamo Milan fashion week 2016This time we have selected the best accessories from 2016 Milan week show. Get ready to see the most extravagant accessories. These glamorous accessories were worn by top models who were demonstrating the best outfits. Read more »

Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Clothing Line for Spring/Summer 2016

If you follow fashion world, I am sure you have heard about Kylie and Kendall sisters. They are too young but they have already managed to be popular around the world. Some people think that they have become popular due to their sister Kim Kardashian but they proved that they have talent as well. Kendall Jenner is a top model and this year she was modeling at Victoria Secrets’ Super TV show. Not all girls can be part of this show and as they like to say “Only Angels”. Getting her beautiful wings, Kendall rocked with her look. Kylie Jenner Keeps with her sister. She is muse for many people around the world. She is hot, beautiful and stunning. Some people compare her with a Barbie doll. These two sisters have a big army of fans.Kendall Kylie Jenner clothes 2016Recently they have decided to have their own clothing lines. So, today you are going to see Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s clothing line for spring/summer 2016. I am sure you will also like the collection line produced by them.

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