Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Collection

One of the most popular designers of evening and wedding dresses is surely Vera Wang that every season represents brand new designs for the lovers of everything luxurious.
2014 bridal collection is actually planned to be launched for fall but the lookbook is already launched and from the first pictures it is already clear that it is going to be fantastic.
Vera Wang is the one who always thinks beyond the borders and represents unimaginable designs. At this time too designer offered selection of bridal dresses that are far from being classy styles. Check them out. Read more »

Your Wardrobe for College

At last you are packing things for moving to collage and it is a real ceremony for you. I am sure that you will face a problem of what is more necessary for you. As you are beginning new life full of so many interesting and unforgettable moments, you should change your image too. I don’t mean you should totally change your image but looking attractive and stylish is your goal.


There are some basic rules from stylists that will provide you with lifesaving guideline so please be attentive and keep in mind these rules for the future. Read more »

Gucci Bamboo Confidential Handbags

True fashionistas surely know about the importance of stylish accessories like jewelry, belts, scarves, sunglasses and of course handbags. The same things know creative designers of popular labels and that’s why every season we have so many luxurious collections to choose from.

I am a great lover of handbags and as soon as I saw Gucci new collection I simply lost my mind. Bamboo Confidential handbags were first represented in 1947 and every year new styles are launched. For new season Gucci launched two designs Lady Look and Bamboo Shopper. Those designs are very much like classy Bamboo Confidential designs but they are upgraded with modern details and now are breathtaking.


Gucci new campaign was shot in London at Savoy. Models featuring campaign, makeup, hairstyles, and poses make you want those bags. Take a look at this gallery of Gucci bags and decide whether you can resist temptation. Read more »

2013/2014 Vans & Liberty Holiday Sneakers

Vans & Liberty London collaboration has brought amazing collection of sneakers that are ultra-modern and funky. If you are the lover of comfortable and stylish sneakers, you will surely find some creative options from new campaign.


Since 1875 Liberty represents creative prints and at this time too we have got selection of some creative options. Made for fall and winter holidays, Vans & Liberty sneakers are bright and joyful with a touch of artistic allure. Color palette and color combos are simply breathtaking.  Read more »

How to Look Taller

Every woman wishes to have slim figure and that’s why they opt for even the most dangerous diets and drugs. You can shape your body and make it as you want to look but when it comes to height you can do nothing but learn some tricks that will make you look taller. You may get surprised when you find out that not only super high heels can provide you with desired look but also other ways that can create an illusion of taller figure. Are you excited? Let’s start from the beginning.


Posture is very important when it comes not only to psychological analysis but also to woman’s physical appearance. Try to sit straight so that you will train yourself to walk straight and have proper posture. The best way is to control your posture while sitting. I know that it is hard to sit straight but once you get used to it, you will always have right posture.  Read more »

Joe’s Jeans Lookbook; 2013 Fall

For the lovers of jeans and denim pieces I want to represent new Joe’s Jeans lookbook for 2013 fall that has already become very popular among true fashionistas. Besides of those ultra-modern pieces, this lookbook shows the hottest images and style combos to inspire you.


Being one of the most popular labels nowadays it included all the newest trends and lines in new fall and winter campaign; prints and patterns, plaids and of course grunge style. Are you ready to pull off one of those smashing images included in Joe’s Jeans new lookbook. Read more »

The Art of Sprezzatura in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion is as gorgeous and interesting as women’s and modern fashion industry constantly represents us new collections and campaigns for men. The latest fashion trend is sprezzatura art that is so often seen on the catwalk and red carpet. If you are not aware of what sprezzatura term means, let’s first find out more information about it and then go on with modern styles.


The term was used for the first time by Baldassare Castuglione in his ‘The Book of the Coutier” in 1528. The shortest explanation of the term is nonchalance in style.  Read more »

Pull & Bear Campaign; Fall 2013

Popular label Pull & Bear has already launched new fall 2013 campaign that represents all the best signature lines of the brand as well as new details and concepts for new season.

Featuring Anastasia Ivanova, Kel Markey, Sung Hee Kim, Adrien Sahores and Victor Nylander this campaign and gallery offers some creative style combos for the lovers of casual and grunge style.


Grunge style has been seen in many labels and Pull & Bear also chose this concept as the main line for fall. Those casual and relaxed clothes are totally wearable and will be suitable for casual occasions. Both men and women’s pieces are highly fashionable and they will surely have great success this season.

Read more »

2013 Fall Guess Accessories

One of the most popular brands representing accessories for fashion is surely Guess and this statement has been proved one more time. Just take a look at this collection of 2013 fall Guess accessories and tell me whether you can resist the temptation not to rush the stores and buy them all.


Featuring models Dioni Tabbers and Sandrah Hellberg and photographed by Claudia and Ralf Pulmanns Guess new campaign can be considered the best one of this season and it will surely have great success. Sexy poses are completed with brand’s best items and as a result we have breathtaking gallery. Get ready to resist high dose of sexiness. Read more »

Zara TRF Campaign; 2013 Fall

Featuring Kirstin Liljegren, Ondria Hardin and Tilda Lindstam and lensed by Partick Demarchelier Zara launched new fall 2013 collection full of amazing pieces. Continuing the concept of August/September campaign where mostly classy and office appropriate pieces were represented, fall campaign also have similar allure. The only difference is that new collection is spiced up with youthful allure.


Grunge is another concept and signature line distinguishing Zara TFR campaign. The best thing about Zara 2013 fall campaign is that designers have combined several styles and signature lines. This is great because if you are not the lover of grunge style you can easily choose classy or more elegant designs. Read more »