Erin Fetherston Collection; Spring 2014

Though it is fall and we have to wait couple of months to wear so much beloved chiffon dresses and skirts, Erin Fetherston has already represented spring 2014 collection. Spring edition by designer will be launched later. For now, let’s find out what the main concept of spring collection is and what is included in it.


Previous season fashion was all about abstract patterns and bold cuts and such lovely and natural collection turned to be a fresh breath to fashion. Read more »

Cher Dior High Jewelry Collection

Girls simply go crazy about jewelry especially those shiny pieces represented by popular brands and designers. The latest accessory collection launched for fall was Cher Dior High Jewelry collection. Take a sneak peek at them.


This is waterfall of colorful shiny stones and you will simply get lost in this collection. It is not just a collection of jewelry; it is true parade of art pieces. The edition totally differs from classy Dior style; those items are bolder full of colors.

Creative director of Dior jewelry edition Victoire de Castellane commented then;

“This time, I wanted to work with the idea of all the colors fighting each other. They are not supposed to be friends, but they are stuck together”.

Being the second jewelry edition by Castellane this collection is even more luxurious and unique. Read more »

2013/2014 Jewelry Accessories; Louis Vuitton vs Bulgari

Two popular brands like Louis Vuitton and Bulgari are trendsetters in modern fashion and when those labels launch new collections they immediately capture everyone’s attention. What happens when those two brands represent new collections at the same time? Let’s find out newest jewelry collections by Louis Vuitton and Bulgari and decide which one is the best.


Louis Vuitton together with beauty bunny Andreea Diaconu represented 2013 fall jewelry collection. Those pieces have many common details from 1930s; the allure of art-deco movement is quite strong and it is noticeable in every item. There are two words distinguishing this collection; versatility and luxury. Color palette of jewelry pieces ranges from black to silver, gold, bronze and all shades of brown. Leather details make accessories even more luxurious and unique. Read more »

Zac Zac Posen Collection; 2014 Spring

Zac Zac Posen has already represented spring 2014 collection in designer’s studio. Unlike previous season styles, new spring pieces are more optimistic and ethereal. In other words Zac Zac Posen new collection is perfectly suitable for spring. Romantic vibe is stronger, colors are brighter and cuts are more feminine.


Key items of Zac Zac Posen spring collection are dresses and skirts. Dresses are feminine and perfectly suitable to make you look elegant and attractive. Besides of those ultra-feminine dresses, new spring collection includes several pieces with masculine touch. Those are very practical and highly fashionable high waist pants and leather jackets. Read more »

Balenciaga 2013/2014 Collection; Le Dix Handbags

2013 fall and coming winter are epic in fashion industy. The most popular designer houses and labels have already represented their new collections and most of them have become bestsellers.

Another luxurious collection that was launched just recently was Balenciaga 2013 fall and 2014 winter Le Dix handbags collection. As always Balenciaga represented unique and classy accessories.


Though this edition represented only 4 pieces, this collection can already be considered totally complete as it includes perfect pieces that represent combination of all details modern woman needs; functionality, perfect shape and of course classy design. Read more »

Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Collection

One of the most popular designers of evening and wedding dresses is surely Vera Wang that every season represents brand new designs for the lovers of everything luxurious.
2014 bridal collection is actually planned to be launched for fall but the lookbook is already launched and from the first pictures it is already clear that it is going to be fantastic.
Vera Wang is the one who always thinks beyond the borders and represents unimaginable designs. At this time too designer offered selection of bridal dresses that are far from being classy styles. Check them out. Read more »

Your Wardrobe for College

At last you are packing things for moving to collage and it is a real ceremony for you. I am sure that you will face a problem of what is more necessary for you. As you are beginning new life full of so many interesting and unforgettable moments, you should change your image too. I don’t mean you should totally change your image but looking attractive and stylish is your goal.


There are some basic rules from stylists that will provide you with lifesaving guideline so please be attentive and keep in mind these rules for the future. Read more »

Gucci Bamboo Confidential Handbags

True fashionistas surely know about the importance of stylish accessories like jewelry, belts, scarves, sunglasses and of course handbags. The same things know creative designers of popular labels and that’s why every season we have so many luxurious collections to choose from.

I am a great lover of handbags and as soon as I saw Gucci new collection I simply lost my mind. Bamboo Confidential handbags were first represented in 1947 and every year new styles are launched. For new season Gucci launched two designs Lady Look and Bamboo Shopper. Those designs are very much like classy Bamboo Confidential designs but they are upgraded with modern details and now are breathtaking.


Gucci new campaign was shot in London at Savoy. Models featuring campaign, makeup, hairstyles, and poses make you want those bags. Take a look at this gallery of Gucci bags and decide whether you can resist temptation. Read more »

2013/2014 Vans & Liberty Holiday Sneakers

Vans & Liberty London collaboration has brought amazing collection of sneakers that are ultra-modern and funky. If you are the lover of comfortable and stylish sneakers, you will surely find some creative options from new campaign.


Since 1875 Liberty represents creative prints and at this time too we have got selection of some creative options. Made for fall and winter holidays, Vans & Liberty sneakers are bright and joyful with a touch of artistic allure. Color palette and color combos are simply breathtaking.  Read more »

How to Look Taller

Every woman wishes to have slim figure and that’s why they opt for even the most dangerous diets and drugs. You can shape your body and make it as you want to look but when it comes to height you can do nothing but learn some tricks that will make you look taller. You may get surprised when you find out that not only super high heels can provide you with desired look but also other ways that can create an illusion of taller figure. Are you excited? Let’s start from the beginning.


Posture is very important when it comes not only to psychological analysis but also to woman’s physical appearance. Try to sit straight so that you will train yourself to walk straight and have proper posture. The best way is to control your posture while sitting. I know that it is hard to sit straight but once you get used to it, you will always have right posture.  Read more »